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  1. SkinLobby - your CS:GO marketplace and trading hub

    Will check it out! Let me know if you need help testing anything
  2. Thinking im gonna stream again


    [quote:1w4ozmzr][color=#000000:1w4ozmzr]PRIZE: $25 Paypal or Gift Card, split between 5 players. (That's $5/person if you can't math.)[/color:1w4ozmzr][/quote:1w4ozmzr] Not sure if this is right. Can someone do the math and tell me how accurate OP is?
  4. VPP won't be hosting Insurgency anymore

    LOL Insurgency devs/executive producers are either dumb and just got butthurt on not collecting a few bucks. [b:piwleiz8]How this is bad for them:[/b:piwleiz8] 1. They need servers operating to promote their game. VPP had like ~3-5 top10 servers (if im not wrong). Looking at game tracker not many players moved to other servers. In fact, one server only grew popularity but like... 12/24 concurrent slots where VPP total was like 120/150 concurrent slots. 2. Future server owners will not host the game because it fucking COSTS money to host the servers. The ads was to make this doable and keep your game out there. This means server owners wont host the server because MONEY DOESNT GROW ON TREES. 3. Player base (as a whole) decreasing in the game. ARE YOU GUYS RETARTED OR WHAT? YOU'RE A SMALL GAME AND YOU NEED HELP PROMOTING IT. HELLO?
  5. 3 new 10 man servers will be coming soon.

    Ideas: [b:1qryo4zm][size=150:1qryo4zm]Stats[/size:1qryo4zm][/b:1qryo4zm] Stats reset monthlyfor leader-board. But keep stats on profiles. Good example [url=https://servers.war-lords.net/pugs/leaderboard:1qryo4zm]HERE[/url:1qryo4zm] (Leaderboard resets montly, but player's stats are there if you click on their profiles.) Also, webinterface for ingame stats and .stat pug (player/etc) INGAME. [b:1qryo4zm][size=150:1qryo4zm]FF[/size:1qryo4zm][/b:1qryo4zm] at least 70% of votes to enable FF on. Since it's PUGs, it can get frustrating with dumbasses TKing. [b:1qryo4zm][size=150:1qryo4zm]Punishment[/size:1qryo4zm][/b:1qryo4zm] Ban players that leave matches without someone else subbing them within 120 seconds. [b:1qryo4zm][size=150:1qryo4zm].bitcoin[/size:1qryo4zm][/b:1qryo4zm] Please also add this as .ready just for me. FUCK ESEA
  6. Help out my bar, Pacific Standard

    I live in NJ. Nerxt time I go to Manhattan I better get some love...
  7. VPP Community 5v5 Tournament!

    I could be the 'manager' of the winning team if you guys want . The guy who stays behind the players and stuff.
  8. VPP Community 5v5 Tournament!

    I think that the winner should take 50% or 75% of the amount collected. The rest goes to the community. Just my poor 2cents.
  9. Map call outs

    Inferno Dark Sopt most know as "Gay Spot"
  10. 32 Man November Contest Winers on Chicago Pub

    Congrats players! Let's get ready for the next one >:D
  11. Marcos Silva from OGaming.net

    [quote="Du Ma":2ko89qmz]Is Japanese the second most spoken language in Brazil besides Portuguese ?[/quote:2ko89qmz] I dont know if I should say 'yes' because there are a lot of Spanish speakers as well.
  12. VPP T-Shirts are In!! Post your pics!!

    Haha, nice! I'll get one soon enough too
  13. This or That?

    [quote="whosurdaddy972":269hshs4]boys or girls?[/quote:269hshs4] Girls. PS: You forgot to answer my question lol, it's question, answer then question BF4 or COD:Ghosts?
  14. This or That?

    Just a forum game So here's an example of how to play the game: [color=#000080:2dleplqt]Person 1[/color:2dleplqt]: MW3 or BATTLEFIELD? [color=#80BFBF:2dleplqt]Person 2[/color:2dleplqt]: MW3. (you can tell why or just make your question) Coke or sprite? So I'll go first.. [b:2dleplqt][color=#008000:2dleplqt]Steam or Origin?[/color:2dleplqt][/b:2dleplqt]
  15. Marcos Silva from OGaming.net

    Haha, today is not my day at all. That game was horribad, but I lol'd. Hopefully I get my hacks *skills* back tomorrow.. I even got deranked today :/
  16. Marcos Silva from OGaming.net

    Hello ClanVPP, I'm a server owner (not going to posting anything about it yet) that plays here too, you can see my horrible stats here: http://www.clanvpp.gameme.com/playerinfo/92472 I recently added Lilly and Whosurdaddy, really nice people that are talking/giving advices that no-one would (server owner). Well, long story short. I'm brazilian been linving in US for around 3.5 years 18 y.o. Anyting feel free to ask!