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  1. Looking for a team Playername: Fi SteamId: STEAM_0:1:51917165 http://steamcommunity.com/id/firework4024/
  2. Firework4024

    VPP Lan Party late 2017 or Early 2018.

    Parents didn't raise you right
  3. Firework4024

    VPP Lan Party late 2017 or Early 2018.

    Ban for racism
  4. Firework4024

    VPP Lan Party late 2017 or Early 2018.

    Buy us a plane ticket
  5. Firework4024

    VPP Lan Party late 2017 or Early 2018.

    Homemade phở is the best , also find some good bánh mì places with vietnamese coffee!
  6. Firework4024

    What does you PC look like?

    Just curious on what other people's PC looks like . Specs: Case: Phanteks P400s Power Supply: EVGA 500W OS: Windows 10 Motherboard: Gigabyte H110M-A CPU: Intel i3-6100 Memory: HyperX Fury 1x8 DDR4 Hard Drive: Seagate 1 TB Hard Drive 7200 RPM Video Card: MSI Rx 480 4GB Headphones: HyperX Cloud Monitor: Some shitty monitor Mouse: Zowie FK1 Mousepad: Glorious PC Gaming Race Extended Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Yes, its a potato.
  7. Firework4024

    New Build

    Ignore the chick-fil-a cup on my cpu
  8. Firework4024

    VPP CS:GO Summer Tourney (July) **Completed**

    LOOKING FOR TEAM Firework STEAM_0:1:51917165
  9. Firework4024

    [UNBANNED] Firework

    STEAM_0:1:51917165 Firework The admins thought I was dosing, which i wasn't. So therefore, it was false ban. Dallas
  10. Firework4024

    [UNBANNED] Banned again

    Banned for using the commands, ex: "i need backup", "Roger that", "Sector clear" Banned from the 26 people server Ingame name:Firework4024 Steam id:STEAM_0:1:51917165
  11. Firework4024

    [UNBANNED] Banned

    I was banned on the 32 man server, because i had a different name. When i was kicked it said change your nickname and so i did. i don't understand why i got kicked for a name i mean seriously it was just a name(control). Thanks