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  1. Don't let the losers in the world frighten you into not living your life.
  2. I hear what your saying Toan buuuuuuuuuuut I'm still visiting
  3. hmmm...sure why not. Not sure if I want to bring Cubie-chan though. Might have to pull a Das, by a gaming PC at Bestbuy then return it when i get home
  4. rAv3n

    Hello All!

    To Mrs. Z.. Welcome to VPP suga To Shibby, FUCK YOU!
  5. I asked the same thing. o.o. But apparently you gave it to him
  6. So you're excepting the ban? Ok. Done
  7. Happy Birthday from across the pond! \o/
  8. rAv3n


    You did flash in spawn though. Just be careful next time.
  9. [quote="Liam|Swiftnode":3mscnu5g]My deepest apologies to Raven I have edited my reply. We have never met and that's my bad, Most admins on the team I never spoke to or met for obvious reasons. I apologize feel free to take this to Internal affairs. On a serious note I have changed the post and I apologize.[/quote:3mscnu5g] No problem Liam...I'm often mistaken for a pre pubescent boy Good luck everyone and no thanks needed. All for VPP
  10. Can you guys not have a civil conversation and listen to each other's suggestions with out turning this into a pissing match?? This was a suggestion thread. He voiced his suggestions that are subject of discussion amongst regulars in the Dallas server. This is kinda disappointing to see this turn the way it did. I mean damn, you guys just went into immediate fucking attack mode with a regular making a suggestion. You want to keep these server on top and keep a steady flow of players in...then sometimes, you need to look beyond what is in play and maybe explore new avenues to keep VPP great. Ke
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