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    [Denied] vydate

    Screen Name: vydate. Real Name (Last name not required): Jon Age: 31 Location (City, State, Country): Jonesboro, AR USA Previous Clans (if applicable): lots really, but most notable as a founding member of team Pandemic Playing CS since: beta 3ish? Preferred Weapon: m4a1, commando or aug Preferred Map: train Why would you want to become a VPP member? Absolutely love this server and the folks that play on it (chicago 32 man) just looking forward to Valve getting the memory leak problem fixed! We all have a great time, just want to be able to assist in making everyone's play time more enjoyable.
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    Chicago server.

    Understood sir, they need to fix this stuff instead of adding silly scopes and automatic pistols. Thanks for the info!
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    Chicago server.

    How much money do we need to raise to get this server running as smoothly as the other vpp servers? I absolutely love the server, and really enjoy the folks that play there, but constant server fps dips into the 40s and 50s and var readings in the 6-9 range makes it hard to have a good time. I suffer through it just because I really enjoy the atmosphere we have there. I'll throw in a 100 bucks if we can start a community drive to fix the problem. Just wanna help! -vydate.
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    Hi dere...

    [quote="VPPTrue":2msnh6t0]I was with you until you said Walt was a good guy...any who welcome man.[/quote:2msnh6t0] I was just trying to be nice tbh
  5. I'm not a member, but I'm game. Moving this week, so I'll be offline for a week or so, but after that I'm up for some match play. Count me in.
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    Hi dere...

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    I'm a bit rusty...

    Ahh, CS in undergrad, those were the days. Those scholarships were nice while they lasted lol. welcome Silent!
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    Hi dere...

    thanks guys, perhaps I will dabble in the scout next time I'm in server
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    Hi dere...

    I've been around a cpl of the servers for a month or so now, figured I'd stop in and say hello, and introduce myself. My irl name is Jon, im 31 years old from Arkansas. I work in the full service restaurant industry during the cold months but my main job is Boll Weevil Eradication....its a bug that eats Cotton. I've played CS since around beta 3.x, I got in right as they added the de_ map scenario....I played pubs for a while but then fell in with a local arkansas team that had a sponsor, which was Subway. That team would later become Pandemic, we made our way thru cal and were in on the first season of cal-p. Work always made me have to take the summer months off from gaming but I stayed fairly active the whole time until WoW came out. That pretty much ended my 1.6 play time. When CS:GO launched, I was super stoked. Many of the old team members I had played with were willing to play again since we all HATED CS:S. All was well until on one of my "winter month" bartending shifts, I slipped on the wet floor and took a beer bottle thru the hand like a jesus nail....needless to say, 3 tendons, 3 nerves, and 1 artery severed later my cs skills have diminished. I only have use of my middle, ring and pinky finger on my mouse hand. I was always reluctant to get back into cs:go because I know how steep the learning curve is, even if you are 100% healthy. But I wandered into the 32 man comp VPP server and almost felt at home. Mostly everyone is super cool, laid back and are great sports. I added the server to favs after my 3rd visit. I really want to commend the VPP players aswell as the regulars. Its a great chemistry, and a fun time at a game that can be stressful and irritating. A special thanks to Walt Jr for being super cool despite his jumping scout shenanigans, and Ninja for being understanding as I raged about the recent ddos attacks. anyways, thats me. 5-6 drinks in, see yall in the server! gl hf! vydate.