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  1. Green Arrow

    Anyone Here Like to Gamble CS:GO Skins ?

    My first bet and first win! [img:2794shzl]http://i.imgur.com/zIVnXnF.png[/img:2794shzl] Glad i got that stat trak shot gun, its the only slot i have double stat traks in.
  2. Green Arrow

    Anyone Here Like to Gamble CS:GO Skins ?

  3. Green Arrow

    The Wallking Dead Map!!

    To copy True, "Oh god, yes... so much yes."
  4. Green Arrow

    Diablo 3

    W00t almost level 40.
  5. Green Arrow

    [Denied] NEW VPP MEMBER application

    Dwight is a cool bear. Guy. Beets.
  6. Green Arrow

    Diablo 3

    I am making my Barbarian AoE man. 2 Weapons, Cleave, Rend, Stomp, Crit, Armor shout, ancients.
  7. Green Arrow

    Diablo 3

    That sounds... sexy
  8. Green Arrow

    Great Server [Dallas]

    Hey! I have played with you in the dallas before! Cool Guy.
  9. Green Arrow

    Diablo 3

    If you do, I will play with you with a new character. I am in the 30's right now.
  10. Green Arrow

    Diablo 3

    [quote="Purple":3evsnrzr]So dumb i logged on both accounts and I have nothing there anymore. da fuq is this?[/quote:3evsnrzr] really? That seems surprising, since i still have my guys, and i stopped maybe 1-2 months after it came out.
  11. Green Arrow

    <ST6> Yesterday on some kid's Stream

    Oh dayum. Thats nice. I thought this was when we had the entire t side snailing though. that was hilarious too.
  12. Green Arrow

    Diablo 3

    I had it once... I need to figure out how to reinstall it. I did it all digitally. **Edit** Downloading installer now! **Edit** Requested friend for faultless and entrance to VPP clan. I am Saveur#1179 Characters 31 Barb "HeyZeus" http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Save ... o/41000402 28 Witch Doctor "Kvothe" http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Save ... o/41000403 I havent played since the first month after the release. I do recall AH'ing items for my barb at every level up with his prime 3 stats and socketing a ton of red gems into them, but i imagine the second i start leveling they will be obsolete. I gave up because it was sooo easy to "break" my hero using the AH at that time. (Killing waves in one swing) I am really interested in getting back into the game though given the loot and AH changes.
  13. Green Arrow

    Twitch Plays Pokemon

    Really? I was betting some team of like 10 griefers would try and throw away all the pokemon before it got to the end!
  14. Green Arrow

    why hello there

    Welcome! I have played with you before in the Dallas Pub.
  15. Green Arrow

    u wan sum fuk?

    Welcome! Funny avatar!