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  1. Batmayne

    contest August Contest Winners!

    wow spiderpig has a big heart and a tiny dick
  2. Batmayne

    VPP Lan Party late 2017 or Early 2018.

    you moving to Dallas? I'm down. I can also help with airport rides since i go to irving alot
  3. Batmayne

    Can't join server.

    me thinks the cs gods are tired of your shit
  4. Batmayne

    Picture's of OUR Cars/Dailys/Whips !

    did someone say Dodge?
  5. Batmayne

    Most R-8 / Magnum head-shot kills wins $15

    I will pay good money to see a pic of adminpolice handing magugu a giftcard in front of a kia.
  6. Batmayne

    Picture's of OUR Cars/Dailys/Whips !

    Selling HondaAccord coupe any ricer out there??
  7. Batmayne

    accepted Admin App: Moose Muscles

    I'll vouch for Moose if he stops rushing through smoke!
  8. Batmayne

    denied [Apply for Admin] jim lahey

    I'll vouch for Jim only if he yells "I'M A NERD" in the server at the start of every round!
  9. Batmayne

    Where do you want VPP to donate $100 to?

    Wounded Warrior Project, American Heart Association
  10. Batmayne


    64 year old Martin Yan has his volume so high, it fucking echos in game.
  11. Batmayne

    Found this gem today!

    [url:19yphvyn]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL3MxAH-kDI[/url:19yphvyn] [url:19yphvyn]https://youtu.be/GmZiqwRnwtM[/url:19yphvyn]
  12. Batmayne

    5v5v5 overthrow

    im down, I'm good at over"throwing" get it? GET IT? (side note) i need a gf
  13. Batmayne

    Dota 2 REBORN

    I love the Overthrow map, its like a DOTA deathmatch.
  14. Batmayne

    E3 2015: Official Thread

    Die-hard needforspeed fan here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5wssYZHVWc
  15. Batmayne

    Anyone else in the military here?

    NICE! I know so many folks who want that job so bad lol, where are you stationed?