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  1. VPP Twitch Streamers!!! Please Follow them

    aweeeee yis.
  2. Please read Custom Skins showing Error on model!

    I like the skins! Except I don't know who's who because I don't use radar :c
  3. VPP Face Thread

    [quote="Du Ma":2xdgnmmy]I don't get it.[/quote:2xdgnmmy] prob my sexy face
  4. VPP Face Thread

    [quote="whosurdaddy972":2r2qtdhx]You guys are pervs. I meant nice addias shirt[/quote:2r2qtdhx] IT'S CLEARLY REEBOK
  5. Welcome Purple to VPP!! :)

    [quote="whosurdaddy972":396nivge]We miss you!![/quote:396nivge] Who's "we" Yeah I haven't been on much lately kinda taking a break, not in the mood for CS lately :C
  6. VPP Face Thread

    [quote="Suave145":bgkwgfcu][quote="whosurdaddy972":bgkwgfcu]Nice shirt [/quote:bgkwgfcu] "shirt" yup thats it. I AGREE![/quote:bgkwgfcu] you guys are awful
  7. VPP Face Thread

    hi again
  8. Welcome Purple to VPP!! :)

    [quote="rAv3n":vx2pygg2]Gratz Purple. Nice to see more boobies in VPP ^^[/quote:vx2pygg2] I just saw this, omg LOL. true true.
  9. Welcome Purple to VPP!! :)

    woo hoo ;D except it wont let me in the group! Like i said it's not mean't to be er ma gerd :C But i'm happy to be apart of it finally ^_^
  10. Great Server [Dallas]

    Welcome Kynx :3
  11. Diablo 3

    Anyone purchasing the expansion?
  12. [Denied] My application for Adminship = D

    Fake? lol
  13. Picture's of OUR Cars/Dailys/Whips !

    Holy batmayne, I laughed so hard LOL.
  14. [Accepted] Le VPP application c:

    [quote="Faultless":2b0orl08]Hey purple! My wife is from Toronto... Well Oshawa (ewwww). We lived in Scarborough on Brimley and St. Clair by the bluffs for years before moving back to Florida. Hows the weather treating you up there?[/quote:2b0orl08] Oshawa, oh dear And Florida, I just went there in December. I wanna go back I'm so jealous of you The weather could be better lmao I think we just had our last snow storm for the winter, still cold but warming up slowly. Can't wait for summer! Hope you enjoying the warm weather - send some down pls.
  15. [Accepted] Le VPP application c:

    [quote="NoJoy":9024s1hy]I don't think we're mature. But then again we're fun as hell! yay you finally applied! Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk[/quote:9024s1hy] haha we'll keep it at respectful then