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  1. dreadstar

    Should we get a box in NJ? I got a decent offer

    yes will help too, coz i am from nj
  2. dreadstar

    [ENDED] Free DayZ Give Away [ENDED]

    can i have one? i promise ill behave
  3. dreadstar

    [Apply For Member] Dopekoke

    you are not korean freddy, you are freddy oh hello there dope
  4. dreadstar

    How To Train For CS:GO+Arma 3

    i can do this specially when i sleep
  5. dreadstar

    I'm poor!

    from a greeting to cats best thread ever!
  6. dreadstar


    hello welcome here
  7. dreadstar

    Hello, people.

    heya cathy ace welcome here
  8. dreadstar


    welcome here in vpp, have fun
  9. dreadstar

    Eyo!! Oldschool forizzle in the hay-ouse!

    heya welcome
  10. dreadstar

    Killed you with a Wheel!

    enjoyed the vid! wonder if he can snipe with that XD
  11. dreadstar

    Hey Hey

    heya, welcome here
  12. dreadstar

    Congratz to Blackstar on becoming Admin

    gratz blackstar
  13. dreadstar


    heya kali welcome here
  14. dreadstar

    WHAT IF?

    [quote="Batmayne":z4habw9j]What if everyone was once a zombie but there was a human apocalypse?[/quote:z4habw9j] but zombies need brains
  15. dreadstar

    Hey guys and gals!

    heya welcome in vpp