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  1. Skeezer11

    Please read Custom Skins showing Error on model!

    Skins are sweet but sailormoon must die.
  2. Skeezer11

    [Accepted] Need more asians on VPP!

    I didn't really think you were gonna join.. Damn now I gotta find a new clan to join with. FUKBOIIII
  3. Skeezer11

    VPP vs PUBBERS!!!

    We need 15 pubbers to sign up that are willing to get their butt holes raped by clan vpp in pub. First 15 to sign up will have first dibs on the fun scrim. If you can't show up to the selected time then you will be replaced by one of the other awesome pubbers out there. Times will be posted for sometime this weekend. Happy St. Pattys day!!
  4. Skeezer11

    New maps on both servers

    Sweet can't wait to kill you in a new environment
  5. Skeezer11


    Due to recent CS:GO update SE maps are now down on VPP server.
  6. Skeezer11

    January Contest WINNERS!!!!

    Congrats brahhhh
  7. Skeezer11

    Our New Server Tech!!!

    Welcome friend!! I love u long time
  8. Skeezer11


    he must have been afk if daddy was killing him
  9. Skeezer11

    Best Server Ranking Ever

    You're welcome
  10. Skeezer11

    Server Will be down at midnight eastern time for Maintenance

    What will i do?!?!
  11. Skeezer11

    VPP Community Tournament Winning Team will Get $25 paypal

    Ok Penis Punchers have 5. Skeezer, Warpanda, Wikkid, Stalker, Mr. Creature
  12. Skeezer11

    VPP Community Tournament Winning Team will Get $25 paypal

    putting a team together so far its me Wikkid, Warpanada, and stalker ill let you know the other two in a little. team name is Penis punchers
  13. Skeezer11

    December Contest Winners!!

    I want to win
  14. Skeezer11

    People I Have Met From Our First CS GO PUB SERVER

    <3 you Toan.. You make my pants just a lil bit tighter everytime I hear your voice
  15. Skeezer11

    Congratulations Loud Mouth and Cid

    woohoo congrats!