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  1. BrainY.


    Myea it does... but it's not really work experience.. Maybe activities?
  2. BrainY.

    VPP Face Thread

    Oh that's in Mountain View, Arkansas (USA) - Blanchard Spring
  3. BrainY.

    VPP Face Thread

    Special for you
  4. BrainY.

    VPP Face Thread

    You know you want me
  5. BrainY.


    Thanks! I should have mentioned VPP inthere... but thought that would be too nerdy
  6. BrainY.

    VPP Vegas Meetup *January 2017*

    I would join up if I get a full-time job, so I can stay in the USA... eventhough a lot of new people don't know who the f*** I am
  7. BrainY.

    VPP Face Thread

    Selfies for days!
  8. BrainY.


    Hi, I'm looking for a full-time entry-level IT job with HB1 sponsorship in the long run! Or adoption! Thanks in advance! Note: Resume is attached! Debooserie_Bjorn_Resume.docx
  9. BrainY.

    Hello to all

    You may want to plug in your AC audio cable into your mobo... Or directly connect in the back of your pc I guess. Other than that... good luck!
  10. BrainY.

    Who plays Battleborn?

    Anybody? I"m naked and sexy...
  11. BrainY.

    Must-have config commands?

    I started playing CS:GO again. What are some major must-haves in your config for MM (64tick)? I ranked a master guardian elite and ranked up to legendary eagle master in less than 30 games. I've been stuck on this rank for 10 games now? I feel like I played a lot better when I started to play again and now I constantly have a habit of spraying with my gun like the pros.. except I miss every bullet
  12. BrainY.

    BlackStar got hacked!!Again

    Alright... seems like you should do a clean pc install to make sure everything is actually gone. I've used AVAST and MalwareBytes my whole life and never had this happen. Also I use ADBLOCk on my browser. That is the best prevention right there!
  13. BrainY.


  14. BrainY.


    Hi, My nick name is BrainY and I like free love.
  15. BrainY.

    How much are you worth on steam!!!!

    $250 - $676 I have 4 steam accounts and I buy like no games