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  1. Hiya, So I have tried to dig up some info on this and BruceLeeee has helped me look into it but no dice. My game gets locked out really badly and it seems to happen when I am kicked for slot reservations especially. If I happen to join a game after getting kicked for a slot reservation (it could be all kicks, not sure, haven't been kicked otherwise) then I cannot bring up scoreboard, I have no mini map and all of the kills/deaths are super tiny in the middle of the screen. It's unbearable to play with. So then I leave server to reboot CS. I go to the menu and click quit. I have also tri
  2. Her name is Cathlene, Batmayne. Figure it out lol. I still get freaked when I see someone in CS come at me with a knife from playing TF2 so much before Cathy! lol.
  3. Twins! Always wanted a sister. Thanks guys
  4. I still think theres an issue. The server keeps saying it is switching to train but never does. It just cycles from Dust 2 to cache to nuke to mirage, then starts over. Is this what it is supposed to do? Thanks
  5. Yeah, that shouldn't take too long. Most of the week have had to wait to get in
  6. Just realized you have a server suggestion forum...please move this
  7. Hi guys! My name's Jen, from Ontario, Canada (eh). I've just come back to CS after a long sabbatical... played betas and 1.6, barely played source. I do not like these new weird buy menus that are circles by the way! I've started playing on the VPP canada server and it's been great so far. PS. It's pronounced Kal - e - cor - vee -da. Just call me Kali.
  8. Hi everyone, Just curious, does the map rotation change often, like once a month or something? I like most of the maps on the server, the problem for me is that Dust2 seems like it is on every other map. I like playing and would like to play more but when I see the same map 4 times in a night it gets repetitive. Any possibility to mix it up some more would be awesome, I don't much care with what...militia...aztec.. whatever. Or a map vote would be super.
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