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  1. Yea sorry haha, just irritated. Thanks for supporting the community. They will set you up when they can. @Welcome to ClanVPP @Moop the communist
  2. How do you regulars not know what a steam id is for csgo res slot yet? That is your profile id, not your ingame. Gtrickz Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:18226633
  3. I'd say give him another chance. Played MM with him and he was chill to play with. People make mistakes.
  4. AdminPolice


    User has passed the admin test.
  5. AdminPolice


    User has passed the admin test.
  6. AdminPolice


    Haven't played with @_beNN other than the server. He fucking rocks me with deagle 1/2 of time. Being experienced players like us old fags are good to have so people are less likely to get falsely banned for cheating. He seems mature, I would let him take the test and if he passes, lets welcome him with open arms to the team. @Welcome to ClanVPP A community with a strong admin team usually gets new players that take interest in the server to stick around. The only reason why he doesn't stand out (other than deagling me in the fucking head 24/7 and being on top of board lots) is because he doesn't seem to talk too much I've noticed. As an admin you need to have more involvement in the server by being more vocal etc. @_beNN I think I rarely hear you use mic?
  7. Holy shit i ran out of breath reading your response to " Why do you think you deserve admin?" Seems good, and if he gets out of line ill just TK him with r8 again. +1
  8. Wow, the first admin I have had to unban for banning himself accidentally, everyone troll him when you see him.
  9. More like bot, banning the user now.
  10. New VPP discord server Link found here! https://steamcommunity.com/groups/ClanVPP#announcements/detail/1662266809390397074 Discord Rules: 1.) No harassment, racism, sexism, trolling, etc. There's a degree to how much we can handle that. 2.) Do not advertise at all i.e. invites/links from other communities, bots, etc. 3.) Please do not ask, beg, or exchange money, items, services, roles, etc. 4.) Please be mindful and respectful other people. We don't want any commotion or drama happening here. We're all grown ups, so act like grown ups. 5.) Please make sure to check the info channels that were set for each category. There may be extended information that you need to know. Failure to comply and follow these rules will result in being warned, kicked, or banned. We reserve the right to use any one of these three options that fits your punishment. Notify us if you ever need assistance by tagging @Administrator @Head Administrator. Also join the VPP Steam Group! https://steamcommunity.com/groups/ClanVPP#
  11. Looks like he is the only one who got 100%, but he also took 1:30:00.... Maybe just dedicated haha. Good job.
  12. I was trying to use a frag grenade, and ended up throwing every grenade i had tryin to get frag out lol. Guy was confused as fuck. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/186461278
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