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  1. Dopekoke

    Welcome our Newest VPP member TWIZ

    hello hello
  2. Dopekoke

    harro! me da EH?

    please dont like that
  3. Dopekoke

    Welcome Our New UK Admin

  4. Dopekoke

    Radar Zooming

    cl_radar_always_centered 0 this will enable the radar to be centered on the map and not you therefore enabling you to see ALL of the map without making the scale super tiny bind "KEY" "incrementvar cl_radar_scale 0.25 1.0 0.05"bind "KEY" "incrementvar cl_radar_scale 0.25 1.0 -0.05" the first line will zoom in and the second will zoom out. once it reaches max or min it will resest to .25 bind "KEY" "cl_radar_scale 0.3" bind "KEY" "cl_radar_scale 0.7" these two are if you just want the average size, .3 is normal for big maps and .7 is normal for small maps. hope this helps for those of you who play with those who dont communicate OBVIOUSLY replace KEY with a button for the bind without the quotes.
  5. Dopekoke

    Map call outs

    [b:41wxuwfb][size=150:41wxuwfb]Dust 2[/size:41wxuwfb][/b:41wxuwfb] [img:41wxuwfb]http://i.imgur.com/iMXk1Oe.jpg[/img:41wxuwfb] [b:41wxuwfb][size=150:41wxuwfb]Inferno[/size:41wxuwfb][/b:41wxuwfb] [img:41wxuwfb]http://i.imgur.com/7rEw3lH.jpg[/img:41wxuwfb] [b:41wxuwfb][size=150:41wxuwfb]Nuke[/size:41wxuwfb][/b:41wxuwfb] [img:41wxuwfb]http://i.imgur.com/HLqyVvu.jpg[/img:41wxuwfb] [b:41wxuwfb][size=150:41wxuwfb]Train[/size:41wxuwfb][/b:41wxuwfb] [img:41wxuwfb]http://i.imgur.com/xjQbAP8.jpg[/img:41wxuwfb] [b:41wxuwfb][size=150:41wxuwfb]Mirage[/size:41wxuwfb][/b:41wxuwfb] [img:41wxuwfb]http://i.imgur.com/8domi7H.jpg[/img:41wxuwfb] [b:41wxuwfb][size=150:41wxuwfb]Cache[/size:41wxuwfb][/b:41wxuwfb] [img:41wxuwfb]http://i.imgur.com/A4AJenH.jpg[/img:41wxuwfb] [b:41wxuwfb][size=150:41wxuwfb]Season[/size:41wxuwfb][/b:41wxuwfb] [img:41wxuwfb]http://i.imgur.com/lmY0mz9.jpg[/img:41wxuwfb] if i've missed any please add and i hope this helps
  6. Dopekoke

    Cali Pub IP Changing

    fuck as for the temporary forwarder the server needs to have a plug in where it spams a message saying ip has changed and what not
  7. Dopekoke

    Are there any true nerds in this community?

    [quote="evetSliL":1k0tvwck]I'm...a nerd too? Have a couple thousand dollar comic collection....[/quote:1k0tvwck] i dont have much left, want to buy some of these? Death of Superman 93 Alien series of 3 92 Spawn 3 92 Spawn 6 92 Spawn 7 93 Spawn 8 93 Spawn 9 93 Spawn 10 93 Spawn 13 93 Spawn 14 93 Spawn 15 93 They are all first print near mint cardboard in sleeves
  8. Dopekoke

    Nip vs Na'vi

  9. Dopekoke

    CSGO... wtih a steering wheel?

    good lord https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl35QCbMi-c#t=143
  10. Dopekoke

    Song of the Moment

    David Guetta & Showtek - Bad ft. Vassy
  11. Dopekoke


    hello there welcome
  12. Dopekoke

    Anyone ever used Monster.com?

    its the same thing as careerfinder, its useful but its more like people find jobs for you THEN you can decide if you want to apply or not unless an actual employer is looking through the website itself to look for somebody. On average i get about 10 emails about jobs that fit my criteria and what not but once you do find a job or not interested at the moment then be sure to update the profile because like i said, i get about 10 a week, its pretty annoying after a while.
  13. Dopekoke

    Homer Skin

    perhaps we should take out some retarded ones like the duke not duke nukem but "the duke" and put in another set like the halo ones and the homer skins. seeing how theres cloud on ct, maybe sephiroth?
  14. Dopekoke

    How To Train For CS:GO+Arma 3

    good lord, dem reflexes
  15. Dopekoke

    Flashbang kill?

    [quote="superfakebro":3q9w5ikg]You gotta stop killing birds toan, that's bad juju. I'm pretty sure exploding flashbangs, decoys, and thrown smoke grenades kill people with 1 health. There's a video somewhere of a dude getting picked crossing ct mid on d2 by a smoke grenade from t spawn.[/quote:3q9w5ikg] yeah they all do one dmg upon impact expect for a decoy, the decoy has a possibility of doing the initial 1dmg and then another 1dmg if youre standing on top of it once it expires and explodes.