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  1. reviving 16 day old thread. It's better than CSGO.
  2. I'd hate to say it, but our Teamspeak server is pretty much dead. It requires PW to join, then have to obtain voice privilege from an admin just to be able to talk. I think I see about less than 20 people that are constantly active on TS. I personally think TS sounds much better than discord, but pros of discord outweigh that significantly. My vote goes for Discord
  3. My 2 cents. 1. "admin should alert their presence" - Why? so you can act like a wolf disguised as a sheep? so individuals like you can go around and break our server rules while admins are not present in the server? NO. that argument is invalid. furthermore, we don't necessary have to tell you whether I, she or he banned you. 2. No warning Provided - Are you suggesting there won't be any verbal, written warnings or etcetera on our server log? 3. 'As admin i understand you have to make calls to keep the server going but this ban felt way more personal.' - I'm sor
  4. server for this shit is gonna be so expensive, just like BF4.
  5. Mario is right. We as players + admins are tired of toxic players. You should know better. If you claim yourself to be a long-time player at VPP, you understand that some walked down the same path as you did. As a result, they were temporarily banned and started following the rules and respecting others, or Permanent ban. If you are not going to follow rules, You do not belong here. Nobody wants to spectate a player sitting in a corner waiting for the 'Perfect Opportunity' until the end of the round. There are many ways other ways to enjoy the game. Furthermore, if you think donation grant
  6. First things first, I wasn't even mad. Decision was purely based on your behavior and actions. You crossed the line. its that simple. If you are innocent, I wouldn't have regular players on Dallas telling me we(admins) give you too much of a break. You never respect admins and always, constantly complain and have something to say when we try to balance out the game by scrambling and moving players around or changing maps after a vote. Also observed that you and your buddy Jon Snow was stacking again. I'm not responding to further questions. You had multiple warnings in the past, I'll wait u
  7. we will go ahead and lift the ban. Try to avoid posting links in the servers & avoid racial slurs, and you will always be welcomed in our servers. Thank you.
  8. remove the tag, if you are afraid of getting banned for racism. It costs you nothing to remove them. no one is mad. but I kicked you before since you were advertising a website selling real knives based on CSGO knife skins. the ban will not be lifted unless you remove the name tag on the AWP
  9. de_Codewise:Snow http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =577984242
  10. [quote="Nickaasaur":3b3sf7uc][quote="whosurdaddy972":3b3sf7uc]going to 128 tick means we have to lower the slot down to 20 like NY and Cali. Valve release a patch about 3 months ago that really affect the server tick rate. We could open another Dallas server for 20 slots 128 tick, but I would need a lot of help getting it started. Right now Cali and NY are fairly empty and its pointless to open another server and waste money. I will open it once cali or NY starts to populate better[/quote:3b3sf7uc] Canada says it has 32 slots at 128 tick, is it just a display error on the
  11. Mirage Winter http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =566484103 Inferno Winter... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =570181108 Cache Winter http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =564648834
  12. WINTER IS COMING http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/file ... =562858781 DUST 2 WINTER
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