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  1. So what kind of surf server are we talking, rpgmenu deathmatch? Or purely surf timeattack?
  2. ppaa7894

    [BANNED] Chubi

    Ban will stay as there were enough evidence of wall hacking in the recorded demo (with 0 objections from other admins) Case Closed.
  3. ppaa7894

    [BANNED] Chubi

    Hello, I was the banning admin named. I was informed about the ban appeal, and further discussions will be done before making final decision. Thank you.
  4. ppaa7894

    Map rotations?

    Canada and dallas server has rotation of de_dust2 de_mirage de_train de_dust2 de_inferno de_cache Yes we doubled up d2. 1000$ startup was voted by the players, which contributes making dallas bit more casual server than cali/canada.
  5. So two random brazilian guy comes to teamspeak, and one of them gets banned for trolling the hell out in microphone. other guy, however, begins conversation. 00:46:08> "chubiruba": oii <00:46:28> "chubiruba": shibby <00:46:31> "chubiruba": me entende? <00:46:35> "Tokki": who are you guys? <00:47:33> "chubiruba": I do not understand English <00:47:50> "Tokki": and what brought you guys here? <00:48:03> "chubiruba": you could please enter <00:48:26> "Tokki": are you here
  6. problem with this map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nv3QyMUdOI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vRVfeyCd2Y
  7. One of the best scrambling mod i saw was to have it set on random sequence in the beginning of the map where options are either 1. Not to be scrambled or 2. Have it scrambled + prohibit the team switches afterward because while it is possible to have a totally stacked team either way First, we do not know in which map we are going to have a scrambled team so it is more difficult for one to stack up if one tries(they may be able to-if scramble doesn't occur/scramble put them on same team but less probability than allowing them to stack up every time) Second, After the scramble we prohibit the t
  8. ppaa7894


    Good to see you here
  9. [quote="seph":3tkvhagy]nj is the toilet of america why would you host a server there?[/quote:3tkvhagy] To flush down the trollers duh.
  10. if we set NJ server, which would be *Preferred* location for the east coast US players will we keep the Canada(Montreal right?) server? I am not sure about running two different east coast servers. and... 20gbps huh. What was our current set up for Canada server? For the test run, Sure go head.
  11. [quote="seph":240ww8g5]great more shit i have to download....[/quote:240ww8g5] LOL.
  13. I believe de_mill is in the map list for admins to select i believe(unless it's still not added to cali) Contra, Iffy on opinions right now.
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