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  1. So what kind of surf server are we talking, rpgmenu deathmatch? Or purely surf timeattack?
  2. ppaa7894

    [BANNED] Chubi

    Ban will stay as there were enough evidence of wall hacking in the recorded demo (with 0 objections from other admins) Case Closed.
  3. ppaa7894

    [BANNED] Chubi

    Hello, I was the banning admin named. I was informed about the ban appeal, and further discussions will be done before making final decision. Thank you.
  4. ppaa7894

    Map rotations?

    Canada and dallas server has rotation of de_dust2 de_mirage de_train de_dust2 de_inferno de_cache Yes we doubled up d2. 1000$ startup was voted by the players, which contributes making dallas bit more casual server than cali/canada.
  5. So two random brazilian guy comes to teamspeak, and one of them gets banned for trolling the hell out in microphone. other guy, however, begins conversation. 00:46:08> "chubiruba": oii <00:46:28> "chubiruba": shibby <00:46:31> "chubiruba": me entende? <00:46:35> "Tokki": who are you guys? <00:47:33> "chubiruba": I do not understand English <00:47:50> "Tokki": and what brought you guys here? <00:48:03> "chubiruba": you could please enter <00:48:26> "Tokki": are you here to <00:48:28> "Tokki": get banned also? <00:48:38> "chubiruba": I'm not in Brazil ^^ <00:48:39> "Tokki": use google trans if you cant understand. <00:49:03> "chubiruba": I using to <00:49:17> "Tokki": y lo que te trajo aquí? <00:49:26> "chubiruba": our cool that never heard that language before *--* <00:49:54> "chubiruba": passed me this ts and I got aki <00:49:54> "Tokki": e que te trouxe aqui? <00:50:03> "chubiruba": tokki <00:50:05> "Tokki": what? <00:50:07> "chubiruba": você fala portugues? <00:50:10> "Tokki": no <00:50:17> "chubiruba": mas entende? <00:50:39> "Tokki": tradução do google. <00:50:46> "chubiruba": ahh <00:51:08> "chubiruba": glad my name and Matthew <00:53:00> "chubiruba": well I do not understand what you speak so I could enter to translate on google? <00:53:22> "Tokki": http://translate.google.com/ <00:53:54> "chubiruba": I'm using it ^^ <00:54:29> "Tokki": Aqui está a minha pergunta, o que o trouxe aqui, e foi o outro cara o seu amigo? <00:55:28> "chubiruba": the other guy is my friend but he and an asshole I'm enjoying conversation with someone who does not understand the language <00:56:30> "chubiruba": that our different've never heard anyone speaking English <00:56:48> "Tokki": Oh vocês nunca vi pessoas falando Inglês? <00:56:56> "Tokki": Bem, bem-vindo. <00:57:05> "chubiruba": not by teamspeak <00:57:24> "chubiruba": thank you ^^ <00:58:07> "chubiruba": My name is matheus and yours? <00:58:16> "Tokki": meu nome é Jin. <00:59:17> "chubiruba": looks like they are having a great time kkkkk <00:59:34> "Tokki": Estamos jogando jogo juntos <00:59:54> "chubiruba": I play perfect world are you? <01:00:32> "Tokki": estamos comunidade CSGO, então isso é o que a maioria de uso estão jogando. <01:01:23> "Matheus": that cool ^^ <01:02:22> "Matheus": for me and very difficult to understand what you speak you can understand a little Portuguese? <01:02:50> "Tokki": Eu não consigo entender português, mas eu poderia tentar usar tradutor, tanto quanto possível: p <01:03:01> "Tokki": Eu sei que ele não faz sentido. <01:04:49> "Matheus": kkkk I'm very happy that it is very nice to talk with someone who doesn't speak Portuguese <01:05:59> "Matheus": kkkk think you're talking to your friends I do not understand English, right? <01:06:01> "Matheus": >.< <01:08:55> "Tokki": si si <01:09:43> "Matheus": I apologize for my friend who enter the teamspeak he was mocking you <01:10:42> "Tokki": é ok, nós temos esse tipo de pessoas a cada de vez em quando. <01:11:23> "Matheus": I think it ridiculous <01:12:24> "Matheus": well I'm enjoying talking to you <01:12:35> "Tokki": eu também. Cuidar. <01:13:57> "Matheus": where do you live? <01:14:03> "Tokki": Oklahoma, USA <01:14:57> "Matheus": I live in Pernambuco Brazil <01:15:42> "Tokki": Nordeste, do lado da praia? <01:16:00> "Matheus": sim <01:16:06> "Matheus": yes* <01:18:25> "Tokki": nice, im no meio do continente para que eu não fui a praia por um tempo <01:18:49> "Matheus": and bad the translator google the words I write is different in English <01:20:24> "Matheus": type write one thing is when I see is different than wanted to talk <01:20:46> "Tokki": bem, tradutor is not tão perfeito só tem que se acostumar com isso <01:21:23> "Matheus": I'm disturbing you Jin? <01:21:55> "Tokki": Nem por isso, enquanto eu estou jogando jogo agora não é grande coisa. <01:22:46> "Matheus": the game you play and shot right? <01:23:13> "Tokki": sim, ele é um jogo em primeira pessoa de tiro <01:24:18> "Matheus": the game I play and more about different races and classes and has a very cool pvp <01:26:05> "Tokki": Como jogo de RPG? <01:26:20> "Matheus": yes MMORPG <01:26:55> "Matheus": and very funny that you say one thing I do not understand anything now if I tell you too will not understand anything kkkk <01:27:52> "Tokki": Eu estou tentando o meu melhor para você entender: D <01:28:32> "Tokki": Hold on, you want me to type it in english? <01:30:35> "Matheus": write in Portuguese even <01:32:26> "Tokki": lok <01:32:27> "Tokki": ok <01:33:22> "Matheus": I study English in school but only for testing <01:37:07> "Tokki": ok, Bem Inglês é minha língua secundária também por isso. <01:37:46> "Matheus": his friends told anything about me? <01:42:28> "Tokki": hmmm? Seu amigo? o que você quer dizer. <01:43:21> "Matheus": their friends told me something? <01:43:42> "Tokki": os caras do TS? eles estão apenas jogando jogo. <01:43:51> "Matheus": humm <01:46:19> "Matheus": tomorrow you will enter the ts? <01:46:50> "Tokki": a maioria de nós está aqui todos os dias ou quase. <01:51:37> "Matheus": wanted to talk with your friends online in TS ... they are legal ?? <01:52:35> "Tokki": Contanto que você está falando-nos de uma forma adequada, nós não mente. <01:53:22> "Matheus": ^^ <01:55:45> "Tokki": se você está tentando dizer algo através do microfone, só ouvi-lo pressionando o botão PTT <01:56:23> "Matheus": I will talk in TS but you will not understand <01:57:04> "Matheus": she understood ?? <01:58:18> "Tokki": she said "How did you find our server?" <01:58:24> "Tokki": ela disse: "Como você encontrou o nosso servidor?" <01:58:51> "Matheus": looks jin my picture on TS and Game Perfect World <02:00:34> "Matheus": was that guy who entered the TS and you kiko <02:01:13> "Matheus": he spent the server <02:01:29> "Tokki": Seu amigo? i teve de bani-lo por 1 hora e 40 minutos. <02:01:47> "Matheus": he is not my friend <02:02:29> "Matheus": he and only the clan that I am at the time and spent the server chat to and entered <02:05:19> "Matheus": this was a motorcycle <02:05:34> "Matheus": now in the street <02:05:35> "Matheus": kkkkk <02:11:39> "Matheus": hello P3W b P3W how are you? <02:12:30> "Matheus": my god what she said kkkkkkkkkkkk <02:13:07> "Matheus": she can not use the translator Jin now? <02:19:54> "Tokki": ela disse que "ela não pode ler o bate-papo, porque ela está em jogo" <02:23:15> "Matheus": I am happy to talk with you Jin <02:23:25> "Matheus": Brazilians of today are many ridiculous and false <02:23:41> "Matheus": so I was happy to talk to someone from elsewhere <02:23:45> "Tokki": Bem mesma coisa se aplica a pessoas aqui. <02:24:45> "Matheus": I know but I think not and as many in Brazil <02:26:29> "Tokki": Oh, se você vir até aqui é muito ruim <02:30:53> "Matheus": good i'm going to sleep jin <02:31:05> "Matheus": Thank you again for talking to me I'm very happy <02:31:09> "Matheus": I can appear again on that server to talk with you again? <02:31:24> "Tokki": a qualquer hora: D Boa noite <02:34:34> "Matheus": tell P3W b P3W a good night to her <02:34:43> "Matheus": good night Jin, good night p3w b p3w <02:35:10> "p3w B p3w": good night Matheus
  6. problem with this map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nv3QyMUdOI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vRVfeyCd2Y
  7. One of the best scrambling mod i saw was to have it set on random sequence in the beginning of the map where options are either 1. Not to be scrambled or 2. Have it scrambled + prohibit the team switches afterward because while it is possible to have a totally stacked team either way First, we do not know in which map we are going to have a scrambled team so it is more difficult for one to stack up if one tries(they may be able to-if scramble doesn't occur/scramble put them on same team but less probability than allowing them to stack up every time) Second, After the scramble we prohibit the team switches so we don't have those fly-by after the first round result(even though some may bitch-out and reconnect, possible problem 1.) and Third scramble happens at the beginning of the match which prevents problem of-(advantages to those members losing to the winning team and disadvantages to the members on winning side being sent to losing side) Problem? We still have possible problem of stacked team since it's all based on the probability, but at least if scramble occurs, it won't be "INTENTIONAL" stacking we see quite often. Next question you might ask, is where can we get it? I dont know. My question for team selection setup in our server. Can we at least prohibit the team switches for next (#number) of rounds since one's team selection so we can at least partially prevent fly-by's from switching after the first round result?
  8. ppaa7894


    Good to see you here
  9. [quote="seph":3tkvhagy]nj is the toilet of america why would you host a server there?[/quote:3tkvhagy] To flush down the trollers duh.
  10. if we set NJ server, which would be *Preferred* location for the east coast US players will we keep the Canada(Montreal right?) server? I am not sure about running two different east coast servers. and... 20gbps huh. What was our current set up for Canada server? For the test run, Sure go head.
  11. [quote="seph":240ww8g5]great more shit i have to download....[/quote:240ww8g5] LOL.
  13. I believe de_mill is in the map list for admins to select i believe(unless it's still not added to cali) Contra, Iffy on opinions right now.
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