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  1. I never seen this guy before, but he decided to start slapping me around when I was the last one alive. I was trying to get a few more kills and I called him a dick for it so he bans me. Thanks Mike, who ever you are. I don't even want unbanned, because Fuck it. Just thought i'd get it out there that someone isn't using their shit right. This is too much bullshit for me already.
  2. Sounds like fun, I'd play. I like survival games. I'd take a copy if it were given to me.
  3. Yeah, I got pretty excited, I started running down ramp into B and stopped. Started telling my team "Hold on, let me get the ace" Went back up, boom and boom. After that the opponents lost every round, wrecked their morale. Especially since I was almost bottom fragging.
  4. I was playing competitive nuke and I wasn't doing very well, but then this happened... [youtube:1mqmbpq3]http://youtu.be/5i7S_hNrFfY[/youtube:1mqmbpq3]
  5. I don't think the camping would be that bad.
  6. I like it, I think it's pretty cool. We should give it a try?
  7. Thank you. I'll be around every now and then, but i'm gonna be playing competitive a lot more. Just started getting into it and it's pretty fun.
  8. [quote="whosurdaddy972":2v9wy61m]you trace the wall and your mouse cursor are at the ground, running and acting goofy then stopping at the perfect time to get hs, then someone goes to spec you play like the biggest noob ever. That's why you were banned, and yes you can play on the Canada and Cali server.[/quote:2v9wy61m] Alright, well visual proof of this hasn't been given. I requested a demo but didn't receive one. If my standings in the other servers stay good, i'd like to come back to Dallas since it's more exciting to play there. I'll reapply for another appeal at the end of nex
  9. So because I don't have league experience and I don't have a lot of hours in CS:GO. That's why I'm being banned correct? I apologize for this, but I still don't see a justification to this. I've played first person shooters for over 10 years. Its easy for me to pick up on any FPS. Especially GO since it's play style is similar to Source. Will I be banned from all servers, or can I have a 2nd chance and play in Canada occasionally? I would like to have another chance to prove my innocence. Also I'd like to have an in-depth explanation of Reason #3 and a visual to back it up. Please elaborate o
  10. [quote="Citruss":1v67hed8]We wouldn't ban somebody in regards to hours played. We'll get back to you later today, apologies on the waiting and what not[/quote:1v67hed8] Still awaiting an answer. So far it seems like i'm the only one who's taken more than a day to have their appeal solved.
  11. Well hey, if you don't want me in your server that's fine. If that were really the case, then it would have been found when I first started, right? Also, I know that a server sided plug-in can't perform those task. That's Valve Anti Cheat's job. SMAC isn't designed for that. I know what it is, I only had 30 something total hours clocked on GO at the time of my ban. CS:GO doesn't feel much different from Source to me, especially when all I do is use an AWP. I've got over 500 hours in time on Source. If i'm being criticized for that, then there's no justification for it. Additionally, I wouldn't
  12. Okay, thanks. No hard feelings from me either way.
  13. No idea why I was banned. It said regards of citrus or something.
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