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  1. I approve this message. Mazing you can do better i know it
  2. I like what daddy likes.. daddy please do what you and siri feel is best. Let's fucking go!!!!! vppeazy lemon squezzy
  3. do king of the hill thing where we all attack one objective or lose me forever. daddy write this down on your astro van's included paper stand w/#2 pencil
  4. btw, daddy say something about me, stop singling out all these brown nosers, they just want to get to u for siri (not the iphone personality).. You can list me at #11. btw, when can i expect ur monthly deposit for my time played Friday/Sat nights? Are u not entertained?
  5. Vote for me.. I will be giving the $ back at the community (non admins) when I play Friday/Sat. night.. Will do random give-aways in game. This has no affiliation with VPP Inc. nor it's sister company Daddy's Astro Van Cleaning Service Ltd.
  6. Tokki's computer is broke otherwise he wouldn't have asked me to type this on his behalf. He doesn't want to be considered for the bonus as he would likely blow it on cheap beer and ramen noodles. Thank you tokie for doing the right thing
  7. dump it. get daddy another dallas server
  8. Brainy, gtfo.. nobody wants to get a UK server. Rambo says Fuck u. Im the new community mgr now
  9. noodles without soy sauce
  10. Brainy, ignore her... she has been banned
  11. all walt Jr does is eat breakfast.. fucking waste cptn crunch
  12. Daddy what is this "you have mail" american online shit? trying to type on forums and this bitch is talking about me having mail.. checkz or adz on this shit... fucking fraggin my ready ass off here bro.. fuck im drunk
  13. tromer

    Am I A Dick?

    you sounds weak.. its cause u need pussy bro.. daddy.. tell him fucking nurse
  14. shut up daddy ur missing the point.. i run this forum
  16. go die.. true hates u.. i dont cause i luv u.. this is true on tromers computer.. brainy.. i dont want ur life
  17. I'll be the judge of any bossnes.. please be calm and confident while i process ur order
  18. Moto.. let me take u under my wing and show u how to be pro.. im fucking legendary and shit... daddy knows this much
  19. dont get ur hopes up about aztec.. these guys all hate it because aztec isn't a sponsored map... see u in dust... fucking daddy and his infinite chest shits
  20. i would rather get drug through shit than sit around watching cs go videos.. i can support him in other ways besides this idea
  21. i prefer shitting outside without any clothes on.. and ur trying to get me to buy a shirt?
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