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  1. Yeah I was playin pubg a bit, its pretty fun. I'm trying to play some non fps games cause theyre essentially all I play. I also need to get back into CS
  2. Starting to get into this game, but I'm still learning, was wondering if anyone would like to play sometime. Game seems pretty similar to the original.
  3. poops

    Battlefield 1

    I played the beta and will be definitely buying it and playing whenever I'm not working/at school
  4. poops


    I'll hop on time to time so see what's going on, I just gotta reinstall the game
  5. This is awesome, I actually just got back from Vegas today after going to EDC. I was thinking about going back soon, so I might be interested if I don't end up buying tickets for Nocturnal wonderland in September. If the house is too full and people are looking for an affordable hotel I'd suggest Planet Hollywood as it's right in the middle of the strip and isn't too pricey. We stayed at the Venetian and it was pretty awesome but it's expensive. Anyways, regardless if I join or not you guys will definitely have fun! There's a lot to do and see, also check out In N out burger, it's cheap and pretty good. Also Fat Tuesdays are everywhere if you want your sugary alcoholic drinks. I miss it already
  6. poops


    Dunno what mushroom is talking about it's on the steam store and it clearly showed it available for ps4 as well as pc in the trailer. http://store.steampowered.com/app/379720/ I'm pretty sure if they want the multiplayer to survive they'll have dedicated servers.
  7. poops


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNFUAH3 ... verified=1 New multiplayer trailer, looks great will definitely be playing this on day 1.
  8. Merry Christmas all, and happy holidays to those that don't celebrate christmas.
  9. poops

    New CoD!

    Won't touch another ubisoft product until they take away their horrid Uplay DRM. Ubisoft used to be a great developer then they turned to utter garbage. They also ruined splinter cell, after chaos theory it was all downhill from thereon out.
  10. poops

    New CoD!

    steeper learnin curve cause of the movement, more fast paced and frantic than previous cods. takes some gettin used to, and no, sadly no dedi servers
  11. In canada here eh, just goin to a house party and havin a few drinks, the rest of my city is turning up in the club. Sexy costumes galore.
  12. [quote="paragod":115sg293][quote="whosurdaddy972":115sg293]Why not go play on abm? We are not abm so stop comparing our pub to abm? Why don't you go help postpwn populate his server since none of you ex abm pubbers are even loyal enough to help start his server.[/quote:115sg293] You're getting way too touchy about me using examples that just happened to be on abm, some of these suggestions were also on PSL, as well as SL, as well as even RAD way back in the day. I'm using abm as an example just because it was the most recent community that I was a part of. Not to mention that abm has no pub server so that statement doesn't even make sense. So don't sit here and try to question my loyalty when I'm trying to help your server, that's bullshit. I've been a loyal regular to this server since I've been in here which is over half a year. I'm top 10 leaderboards almost every single month, and I play more in the server than most of the "regulars" that you had before me, so talking shit to me when I'm trying to make suggestions to better your server is just bullshit. I don't see a single one of these regulars that were here before me making suggestions to try and improve the server, not a single one of them when I look in this subforum. So how about you question the loyalty of your regulars that came before me, not me, the (new guy) who clearly gives a fuck about your server more than most people that play here do. So sorry that I actually give a fuck about the server, I'll make sure to never make an effort to better this community in the future since clearly you feel like chastising people that do give a fuck about the server is the route to take.[/quote:115sg293] Since you want to open that can of worms, you are not a demi god, your rank doesn't mean much and you are extremely conceited, there are many threads which were created by regulars that are making suggestions, you probably can't read properly. Your opinion is not the only one that matters, as you age you will learn this. Also you have previously been banned for being a toxic player, maybe you should take a break and do something constructive with your time instead of having a hissy fit anytime someone disagrees with you. Contrary to what mommy lets you get away with, this is not how the world works kid, whosyourdaddy even agreed to take off the homer skin, but I guess it's "EVERYTHING I SUGGEST MUST HAPPEN AND IT MUST HAPPEN NOW" for you and your sense of entitlement because you have played here for your amazing streak of 6 months.
  13. [quote="paragod":1hla5n3r][quote="frankocean":1hla5n3r]I mean, I've been playing on VPP servers for a while so I'm aware of what has worked in the past and what hasn't. Like Toan mentioned, gun limits will never be popular and neither will removing all skins. Additionally, adding any sort of RTV options will (Again, like Toan mentioned) cause the server more detriment than benefit as it has in the past. And as for people getting disgruntled, it's just a pub, relax and have fun.[/quote:1hla5n3r] I get it, but I also was a part of a community for a couple years that had restricted guns(it was welcomed), no skins except knives (again, welcomed), and map voting(which again, was very much welcomed). People are always going to bitch when something is new, no one ever gives anything time to get use to it, that doesn't mean that in the long run after people get use to it that it won't be a good thing. The point was made by Toan people leave when a map gets voted and they don't like it, well who the hell cares. People leave at the end of a map when they don't like the next one anyway. Not to mention that it now allows people that have waited 30 minutes to get into the server a chance to actually play. Since if you played at night, you would know that the server takes forever to get into without donator because it is always completely full, so keeping it full is not an issue... Everything I suggested was something that other servers had that I've been a part of, and with the majority, it was welcomed. I forgot to even mention that the slot reservation for the server is prehistoric and needs an update. No other server I've played in in the past that had slot reservation kicked non donators out at the end of every game, even when it wasn't full, VPP does that and then ruins your minimap as a result...[/quote:1hla5n3r] 1. Restriction on weapons is silly. This is Cs not a class based game. 2. We care when people leave in droves it empties out the server and it is much harder to gain back players, forcing us to switch back to D2, the server doesn't just magically have players in it all the time. 3. Wire pull mod has been suggested in the past, I actually suggested it, some plugins are just not meant to be, along with rtv the server killer. 4. We have our own community here, what works somewhere else doesn't mean it will work here, the regulars are used to how the game is, many of these changes are unnecessary and would cause major frustration.
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