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  1. Moop the communist

    New donation from milk

    Nevermind that question. Found you!
  2. Moop the communist

    New donation from milk

    Thanks, Milk. What's your steamID?
  3. Moop the communist

    New donation from hype

    Hype is teh best!! Thanks, haip.
  4. Moop the communist

    New donation from Mrs. Moop

    Shots fired!
  5. Moop the communist

    New donation from Gtrickz

    Yee! Thanks Dirty Gtrickz!
  6. Moop the communist

    New donation from Mrs. Moop

    Promote Mrs. Moop 2019
  7. Moop the communist

    In regards to how we react to hackers

    I agree with this! Please.. try not to call them out. Instead, IM an admin, or use admin chat to alert admins about it. Most of the time, I think there is at least one admin on Dallas.
  8. Moop the communist

    unbanned SIr Shaggy of VersaceCockRings unban please

    I would like him unbanned. Shag, don't be silly though! There aren't many rules in the first place..
  9. Moop the communist

    New donation from Probably Worst In Lobby

    Too quick! @Barney Thanks for the donation, bud.
  10. Moop the communist


    Benn, When you get a chance, go ahead and review the materials here: http://clanvpp.com/forum/74-vpp-only-assessment-centre/ When you're done, take the Admin Test. Please let me know once complete. Best of luck, and thanks for applying!
  11. Moop the communist


    I told him to apply. I'm good with it. We need admins active at earlier times to get the server poppin, and I don't care if he's quiet as long as he is active and adds input (when needed).
  12. Moop the communist


    Okay, I granted you access to the Assessment Center. Please take the admin test after reviewing the material here: http://clanvpp.com/forum/74-vpp-only-assessment-centre/. The test is in the same section. This is completely open-book, so don't fret too much. Best of luck! I'm happy to see you applied.
  13. Moop the communist


    I'll do it asap.
  14. Moop the communist

    CS:GO Dallas Pub - Map Addition

    Added fy_iceworld_vpp
  15. Moop the communist

    Welcome to VPP Destiny 2

    Everyone, In an effort to engage people on the forums and increase the population of VPP, we are expanding into Destiny 2. We have a Bungie clan page that can be viewed at any time. If you're interested in joining, let us know.