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  1. hippo STEAM_0:0:101885939

    Any update on this? I think he can be unbanned. Let this serve as a final warning.
  2. Guess who?

    Welcome back. Now stay!
  3. Back and Active

    Welcome back!
  4. Young Kid

    Yeah, steamid or link to his steam profile will also work since he's likely not in the server anymore. We can find the steamid with that. Furthermore, we definitely need more info as to what he was doing.
  5. VPP CS:GO Summer Tourney (July 2017) *COMPLETED*

    Maps list for semifinals with Biscuits and On.Clientrip Overpass - Biscuits > On Client.rip Cache Inferno
  6. New donation from Eden

    Hell yeah! This guy is pretty awesome to play with. I'm glad you joined the forums! Thanks for the donation too.
  7. VPP CS:GO Summer Tourney (July 2017) *COMPLETED*

    DAMN. I thought that drinking came with this job.
  8. VPP CS:GO Summer Tourney (July 2017) *COMPLETED*

    Can somebody add me as officiator? Technically I was the one officiating the first match to set it up and what not. I have no problem doing this for the other matches as well.
  9. Heyo

    Another player/admin in our community.
  10. Heyo

    Welcome! Glad to have a new face around these parts. I also wish you the best on your admin app.
  11. Sup

    Welcome to the forums, Ben! About time you joined.
  12. Phone Shopping Help PLZ

    Google Phone is pretty good from what I hear.
  13. What does you PC look like?

    Case: Thermaltake Tower 900Motherboard: Asus Z170 Pro GamingCPU: i7-6700KGraphics Card: EVGA GTX 1080 SuperclockedMemory: 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz Corsair VengeancePSU: Corsair RMx1000SSD: PNY 500GBHDD: Western Digital 1TB 7200 RPMExternal HDD: 4TB Western Digital PassportLiquid Cooling Unit: Thermaltake R360 w/ radiator/pump/cpu block
  14. cs_museum

    There was a bomb/defuse map in css, but I can't find one for csgo. Anyway.. the map is gigantic.. and well worth it given the amount of players we have. It's 32 spawns http://gamebanana.com/maps/172401
  15. cs_museum

    Yeah, it is. I said I couldn't find a bomb/defuse for csgo.
  16. de_cpl_fire / de_toscan

    Yaya! cpl_fire is a damn good map. I worry about toscan being so small, but never hurts for a trial run. I just hope there are enough spawns.
  17. New Build

    Put together my new case, liquid cooling unit with a radiator with three 360mm fans, cpu block, and pump, and a new RM1000x corsair psu! Soon to add a second whole liquid unit, 2 more intake fans and 2 more exhaust fans when I get my second gtx1080 (might be overkill). Although, I'm really not sure if I'll do that, get a 1080 TI, or simply wait for a 2080 release. Sorry, I didn't take any back shots. The case also stands 3 feet tall.. and weighs around 90+ lbs wet. Without lid and front glass pane: With lid and front glass pane:
  18. VPP Lan Party late 2017 or Early 2018.

    Shit ain't a lie.
  19. banned just donated, pls unban me

    Somebody with leadership will get to this soon. Please stand by.
  20. VPP Lan Party late 2017 or Early 2018.

    Mrs. Moop and I are definitely down for this. You can count me in! I just need a set date.
  21. Post your pets

    They're "drug" dogs.
  22. VPP Dallas Pub Contest - Top Rank (Completed)

    Cool deal. Thanks, face!
  23. Shoutout to [SG]

    Lol - steamgamers or slayers gaming? I'm inclined to think you mean Steamgamers as they pretty much died about a year after the launch of CSGO.
  24. VPP Face Thread

    Mrs and I are going to the next meetup.. I'm sad I didn't hear about it. It's only 3 hours away from me.