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  1. Who was the banning admin? Can't search on SB right now.
  2. You's a smart cookie. How about you and I, beforehand, test each map going forward? Would you like to do that with me? You tend to have a solid opinion on maps, similar to most regulars.
  3. I'll add if @Welcome to ClanVPP is okay with them. Thanks for the recommendations!
  4. cs_mansion_rgs as_oilrig_b1 de_torn_rc1 de_goldeneye_facility3 de_corruption_csgo de_fang cs_compound cs_backalley de_747 de_airstrip_csgo de_studio
  5. *navs included ar_baggage.bsp ar_baggage.nav ar_baggage_story.txt ar_dizzy.bsp ar_dizzy.nav ar_lunacy.bsp ar_lunacy.nav ar_monastery.bsp ar_monastery.nav ar_poolstay.bsp ar_shoots.bsp ar_shoots.nav ar_shoots_story.txt coop_kasbah.bsp coop_kasbah.nav cs_agency.bsp cs_agency.txt cs_agency_cameras.txt cs_assault.bsp cs_assault.nav cs_assault_cameras.txt cs_cs16_assault.bsp cs_downtown.bsp cs_estate.bsp cs_italy.bsp cs_italy.nav cs_italy_cameras.txt cs_italy_story.txt cs_militia.bsp cs_militia.nav cs_militia_cameras.txt cs_m
  6. I'm down with removing them to be honest. I do agree with Barney.
  7. Seeing as everyone else is able to load the map, I am inclined to believe it is a problem on your side. The steps above should've corrected it, but I've removed nuke from the rotation as a stop-gap resolution for you and other reasons.
  8. Please vote to determine whether we should add this feature.
  9. CHANGELOG: Added the following maps. de_aurelia de_bikinibottom de_bublik_rf de_cache_parkour de_mirage_parkour de_pitstop de_stardew de_vantage newankara
  10. I added a majority of these, but didn't get all of them yet. All seem to be working fine.
  11. I agree with this! Please.. try not to call them out. Instead, IM an admin, or use admin chat to alert admins about it. Most of the time, I think there is at least one admin on Dallas.
  12. I would like him unbanned. Shag, don't be silly though! There aren't many rules in the first place..
  13. Benn, When you get a chance, go ahead and review the materials here: http://clanvpp.com/forum/74-vpp-only-assessment-centre/ When you're done, take the Admin Test. Please let me know once complete. Best of luck, and thanks for applying!
  14. I told him to apply. I'm good with it. We need admins active at earlier times to get the server poppin, and I don't care if he's quiet as long as he is active and adds input (when needed).
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