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  1. Destiny 2 PC

    Anyone else have it? Add me on battlenet: Moop#11556
  2. Moop's VPP Member Application

    @Welcome to ClanVPP We go down there often enough! Do you still need to set additional groups for proper forum access? If you can, keep the display group as Moderator please. Whichever groups are required for front end forum management and the ability to update the forums, too, would be awesome. I don't know what permissions each group have set without visibility - lol. I should be idling in teamspeak right now if you haven't set the Super Admin server group too.
  3. Moop's VPP Member Application

    Hello, I want to be a VPP member too! it's not fair that my wife is a member and I am not; unacceptable! This request is for membership as required for other access permissions. Screen Name: Moop the communist Real Name (Last name not required): Nathan Location (City, State, Country): Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Previous Clans (if applicable): Swoobles (leadership), [SG] SteamGamers, War-Lords, NoTD Playing CS since: 2001 Preferred Weapon: AK Preferred Map: de_mirage, mg_velocity_allinone, bhop_badges Why would you want to become a VPP member? There are so many reason! The main thing is that I consider you all family, and I am verify active with many members in the community. I play a different variety of games with other VPP members, and I am always up for assisting anyone. I have been around VPP since either 2013 or 2014. I definitely plan to be here for a good, long time. I would like to also obtain TS3 Super Admin for various reasons: I'm mostly active in our teamspeak server While there isn't always something that require TS3 Super Admin, I would like to have that so I can easily and readily either grant TeamSpeak Admin and/or Donor to the necessary individuals, create/manage channels, fix bugs as they pop up I would like to look into setting up each donating member with admin only to their channels to allow them to kick members from their channels, change channel title, description, and password. I have extensive knowledge creating and managing TS3 servers for large communities with 80+ members in teamspeak at a given time. Additionally, I am already familiar with the advanced permission system in TS3. I would like to also use this application to apply for Form Mod. I have management experience using myBB on the front end, but not quite as much with the board VPP uses. Regardless, I'm certain it is intuitive enough to figure out without having used it. I spend a lot of amount of time on the forums. While there isn't a whole lot that happens on the forums, I feel I can use this ability to manage posts and whatever else may need attention. I would upload a picture of myself, but I am at my government computer. Sorry! Watch my stream instead. Thankfully, Moop the communist
  4. Moop's VPP Member Application

    Woohoo. Thank you both!
  5. Moop's VPP Member Application

  6. Moop's VPP Member Application

    @Welcome to ClanVPP Are you waiting on anything on this? I have been waiting patiently!
  7. New donation from Burritos

    Thanks for the donation!
  8. Uhh hello

    Salut - Welcome to the forums! We're all family here, and you're now part of us.
  9. VPP Lan Party late 2017 or Early 2018.

    @Welcome to ClanVPP We're getting closer to to this event date. Do you have any update on this and/or a specific date yet? Is your house still in progress, eh? I would like an update so I can schedule time off work in advance, and I'm sure others would benefit the same.
  10. some dude

    Oh, hell yeah, we're one of the few around anymore! We're glad to have you!
  11. Moop's VPP Member Application

    @Mrs. Moop I secretly voted for you, and that picture is old as hell. @Welcome to ClanVPP that's good news! As far as the forums update, I can look into it. I have done it on myBB in their GUI, but I can research documentation, back up the current config (I assume you have automatic backups already running?), then look into upgrading it once I finish researching. I'm familiar with how to ftp and what not, but are you hosting forums from a Linux environment or Windows Server?
  12. Toss me in the available pool, please. STEAM_0:1:5036529
  13. New donation from Moop the communist

    You're welcome!
  14. Applying for Admin

    About time you apply. I definitely think you'd make a great admin, and I wish you luck on your application. I'm sure this will go well!
  15. Donation $10

    You're so kind!
  16. VPP And Swiftnode Partnering Up!!!

    That's awesome!!! Congrats.
  17. unbanned hippo STEAM_0:0:101885939

    Any update on this? I think he can be unbanned. Let this serve as a final warning.
  18. Guess who?

    Welcome back. Now stay!
  19. Back and Active

    Welcome back!
  20. Young Kid

    Yeah, steamid or link to his steam profile will also work since he's likely not in the server anymore. We can find the steamid with that. Furthermore, we definitely need more info as to what he was doing.
  21. Maps list for semifinals with Biscuits and On.Clientrip Overpass - Biscuits > On Client.rip Cache Inferno
  22. New donation from Eden

    Hell yeah! This guy is pretty awesome to play with. I'm glad you joined the forums! Thanks for the donation too.
  23. DAMN. I thought that drinking came with this job.
  24. Can somebody add me as officiator? Technically I was the one officiating the first match to set it up and what not. I have no problem doing this for the other matches as well.