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  1. Just a super short list I found within 10 mins of playing. I'll be playing more often because this server seems neglected by admins, so hopefully I find more bugs :). Inferno (new) has multiple broken spawnpoints that result in players getting stuck in the ground or spawning outside of the map Plugin greets you with "Welcome to [RainBoxGaming]! Become a !VIP for only 3 euros". Wut? After the game ends a map vote appears, but the winning map doesn't matter because sm_nextmap is set already No available RTV command results in unhappy players on Nuke and other maps... add !rtv maybe? No ads on the server, perhaps throw up a few announcements directing players to clanvpp.com for admin apps, rules, etc? No available votekick command for players to kick griefers... I think the default splewis plugin has this command. We need the retakes_standardallocator plugin (https://github.com/splewis/csgo-retakes) to select between different guns and nades, pretty please!
  2. This was on Dallas 30-man CS:GO
  3. Fairly major bug here. Let's say the server has some bots on it, and when you join you're automatically assigned a team and can control a bot right? Well, if you switch teams, the bot you used to control thinks you're still controlling it, so it doesn't move. But you can control the other team's bot, if that makes sense. Scoreboard: CT: BOT A BOT B T: BOT C BOT D So let's say you join the server on the CT team. You control BOT A. CT: BOT (s2m // spiderpig) <= this is you BOT B T: BOT C BOT D But then you switch teams to T and control BOT C. The bot you used to control is still under control by you, but it can't move. CT: BOT (s2m // spiderpig) <= this one is stuck in spawn unable to move because you aren't controlling it. BOT B T: BOT (s2m // spiderpig) <= this is you BOT D When you join back to CT, you can only control BOT B. CT: BOT (s2m // spiderpig) <= this one is stuck in spawn unable to move because you aren't controlling it. BOT (s2m // spiderpig) <= this is you T: BOT (s2m // spiderpig) <= this one is stuck in spawn unable to move because you aren't controlling it. BOT D Pretty major bug, I hope you guys can fix it <:. @VPP_Liam
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=144923022
  5. can confirm +1
  7. acknowledged

    AFAIK the 30 slots are for all players, regardless of whether they have reserve slot or not (I might be wrong on this, feel free to correct me). The problem is when the server is full of donors. The 30 slot becomes a soft limit so we often have a server full of 32 or more donors. Because of the number of spawns available on certain maps, i.e. de_cbble, we often have situations where people are stuck in spec, but in the case of Cobble specifically the team max is 15 for T side and 16 for CT side (or maybe vice versa, I don't remember). What I was suggesting with !stuck was to keep the 30-slot limit, but in case the server is full of donors instead of forcing them to wait in spec, allow them to join a team (disregarding the max. # of people per team) and simply just use !stuck at the beginning of the round if they spawn in someone. *shrug*
  8. acknowledged

    An option is to use a !stuck plugin (https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=243151, found it off google, not vouching for it) and to uncap team limits. If people get stuck in each other just use !stuck to get out. This way donors can always play. *shrug*
  9. If you join spec while both teams are full and then you join a team after some leaves, it pops up the "You cannot join a team while the match has started" or something error
  10. In VPP news: Man jerks himself off after no one will jerk him off kekekekke
  11. resolved

    Usually only kicks for high ping if you're <150ms (I THINK). I play from uwaterloo and don't get any issues o_O are you playing on Dallas? Weird. Thanks for your donation, and welcome back :D. You'll get set up soon if you donated.
  12. Last ditch efforts: Call your ISP and ask them to change your IP address manually Not sure if you did this, but try swapping routers Plug computer directly into modem and test
  13. Unplug your modem and replug it so you get a new ip :D. Try that. I'm thinking you're IP banned somehow o_o
  14. Waiting on thread to be created before I cast my vote <: