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  1. shoottomaim

    hey im sorry

    Update: Du Ma unbanned him.
  2. shoottomaim

    hey im sorry

    Hey, it looks like you were IP banned by accident. Moop will look into this.
  3. shoottomaim

    New donation from Guest

  4. shoottomaim

    Contest Poll

    Can't revote now that my suggestion is in the poll :[
  5. shoottomaim

    accepted [Apply for Admin] Chokelele

    I enjoy watching Chokelele play CS:GO. They are my favorite CS:GO player. When they get a frag, I think to myself "yes". When the other team kills him, I think to myself "no". He would be a great admin, +1
  6. shoottomaim

    Contest Poll

    wow that's actually toxic i've been doing it a lot less dad pls
  7. shoottomaim

    Contest Poll

    most recorded ninjas
  8. shoottomaim

    Finally after many years made a profile

    i see what you did there
  9. shoottomaim

    Finally after many years made a profile

    I'm like 50% certain you can donate Steam skins instead.
  10. shoottomaim

    Inferno Dawn

    That's sexy
  11. shoottomaim

    Congratulations to Hype!!

  12. shoottomaim

    accepted [Applying for Admin]Nesb

  13. shoottomaim

    Player Crashed server?

    When was this? This exploit should've been fixed...
  14. shoottomaim

    accepted [Applying for Admin]Nesb

    NGL I never see you communicate in-game (I'm rarely on nowadays though) but I have seen you help populate the server so that's good Good luck!!!
  15. shoottomaim

    Congrats to Reece on becoming a TF2 admin !!

    Looking forward to working with you on improving TF2 Reece, welcome to the team! For any other TF2 players reading this thread, if you feel like you're qualified feel free to apply in the appropriate forum :].