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  1. i'm sorry

    me too vpp has the world's best admins
  2. Moop's VPP Member Application

  3. Possible Next Meet Up: CS Major in Boston (Jan)

    honestly it doesn't but im going to say yes it makes sense since you're my dad
  4. Possible Next Meet Up: CS Major in Boston (Jan)

    last i heard he got a job before he became a stripper as the guy who sits on the rolled up $1 bills to make them flat again
  5. Possible Next Meet Up: CS Major in Boston (Jan)

    i thought you were working as a featured midget in a run down strip club
  6. Moop's VPP Member Application

    Moop has really nice eyelashes, wow 10/10, +1 from me He's super super nice and does his admin duties very well.
  7. Application for Membership - Mrs. Moop

    She's very nice I know this is accepted already but I didn't get a chance to vote yesterday - +1 from me :P.
  8. Kappa

    thank you for your insightful post
  9. denied Admin Application Num 2

  10. Applying for Admin

    Would be a great addition to the admin team, +1
  11. New Girl

    fuck i was just about to swoon her over
  12. New donation from bot yao

    was told to put that there LULULLULU
  13. New donation from bot yao

    WAOW great donation! please donate to twitch.tv/magichelmettv
  14. destroyed shroud in pub g

    streamsniper confirmed
  15. s2m highlights

  16. s2m highlights

    just a thread where i dump highlight videos of stupid shit, enjoy - videos found in replies below first one: 1 v 11 clutch
  17. s2m highlights

    long stopped ninja'ing every round after people complained, i actively try now pps i only ninja'd if i didn't have money for rifles to make an impact
  18. s2m highlights

    Not my highlight, but an absolutely disgusting 200 IQ play by vpp's very own mnm :0 Quite literally saved us from losing.
  19. New donation from LiuFD

    Hey Liu, please try to keep URLs out of your name (twitch.tv links are okay) - admins aren't strict with that rule but it still is a rule. Thanks
  20. Phone Shopping Help PLZ

    you're super sexy <3
  21. Phone Shopping Help PLZ

    Pixel is expensive as well :0 also the jelly scrolling issue on the OnePlus 5 is something to consider, but fuck the oneplus looks so good
  22. Phone Shopping Help PLZ

    Super late, but might as well post if anyone else is looking for a new phone. The Nexus line is too overpriced compared to what it was before the 5s and 6p. When looking for a phone don't always go for the flagships - sure the Nexus line gets updated first, but so what? Updates that are just released often have bugs that take weeks to fix. I held off making a detailed post here because I wanted to wait until after I bought this new phone - the ZTE Axon 7, released around 1 1/2 years ago. Around $499 CAD, it's well worth the price. The battery life lasts well through the day as a medium-heavy user, and I often end up having >50% battery life left after the day has finished. With 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage it's a fast phone, and although it sports Snapdragon 820, the phone remains fast even with an excessive amount of apps open. The 20MP back camera and 8MP front camera are amazing as well, but like most budget phones the night-time performance is pretty terrible. Overall a phone I recommend time and time again. A more expensive phone that is getting great reviews lately is the LG G6, although because I haven't used one before and have only ogled the specs it isn't in my place to say much about it.
  23. s2m highlights

    he smells PUBG car jousting cancer
  24. s2m highlights

    1 v 3 clutch with a godly spray
  25. s2m highlights

    1 v 4 clutch where i prove i'm better than @Du Ma