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  1. @Copenhagen Our game will be this Thursday at 9:30 PM EST, with a potential 10 minute delay for uselesss as he'll be getting home from work a little bit before. Confirm pls!
  2. Will post once it's confirmed
  3. wait WHAT THE FUCK WE'RE TODAY? @Copenhagen resched to thurs, time tba?
  4. Tagged the wrong person, we're not facing you, I think you're Monday
  5. 16-6, Biscuits team won against us gg to them!
  6. Heads up to the officiators that BOT Yao will be coaching us tonight, and our roster is as following: s2m Taco AdminPolice whosurdaddy uselesss
  7. Time change to today's last game, from 10:30 pm EST to 11 pm EST on Dallas. @mdnght @^FacE
  8. We won 25-21 against Whatever you want, very close game and a failed defuse on my part GG and props to Magic for staying up, opened the stream after the game and didn't expect him to still be streaming LOL
  9. sweet see you in 2 hours LMAO Let's keep it at 10:30 PM EST but if people are late then we can start later
  10. We're discussing via PM, waiting on BOT Yao. EDIT EDIT: Jesus fuck okay give me a second to talk to the team EDIT: --------------------------------------------------------------------- @mdnght Team: Swiggity Swoogity CUMMING FOR YOUR BOOTY Accepts match against Team: Biscuits Server: Dallas Date/Time: July 23rd Sunday, 10:30 PM EST --------------------------------------------------------------------- @Demonmore Team: Swiggity Swoogity CUMMING FOR YOUR BOOTY Accepts match against Team: Whatever you want Server: Dallas (we have west coast players, NY is not doable) Date/Time: July 22nd, 10:30 PM EST --------------------------------------------------------------------- @LoLomgeastY Team: Swiggity Swoogity CUMMING FOR YOUR BOOTY Would like to schedule a match against: Team: onclient.rip Server: Dallas Date/Time: July 20th, 10:30 PM EST Note to all three teams that we might have to schedule to later in the night (like maybe 30 min later) but these should be good <3
  11. Confirm the cancellation/rescheduling of tomorrow's match, need more time to confirm this new match.
  12. Yeah, IDK why there were that many viewers Anyways, 16-14, swiggity swoogity won
  13. dallas server, and sure.
  14. Is any team available to play RN? One's team bailed because one of their players are drunk. Team: big dick swiggity swoogity Would like to schedule a match against: demonmore Team: anyone Server: Dallas Date/Time: this wednesday 10 pm est
  15. Team: swiggity "big fucking penis" swoogity Accepts match against Team: one's team idk the name bro Server: dallas sounds like a porn star name tbh Date/Time: today 10:30 pm edt sick memes
  16. will get back to you tomorrow
  17. 16-12, Team 'Merica won against us
  18. Just got home, we accept my d00d boa is coaching for us today
  19. And another one Team: SWIGGITY SWOOGITY Would like to schedule a match against: Anyone Date/Time: July 13th, Thursday, 10:30 PM EST Server: Dallas
  20. Are you available any other time this week? My team can't do tomorrow, how's thursday?
  21. Might take you on, give me a few days to talk to my fam.