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  1. shoottomaim

    Hostages Become One With Your Arm

    hes fucking your back run dude
  2. shoottomaim

    contest August Contest Winners!

    Thank you for the contest; it was a blast being able to fuck around and knife people! This server has never failed to make my night, and so I would like to put $30 back into the server, and $30 towards @Welcome to ClanVPP for him to have a night out on me... it's not a lot but he gives away a lot of $$ and I want him to spend some $$ on himself for once! Assuming the rate is still $5 for a month of donor and $10 for 3 months (if it is not, I'll correct this list asap), I'd like to buy donor for the following people. These guys are all regulars who contribute to the server's fun environment and without them, this server wouldn't be the same. 1. 2SoonJr (STEAM_1:1:15318852) : 1 month of donor ($5) 2. fixins (STEAM_1:1:12012263) : 1 month of donor ($5) 3. waterfall (STEAM_1:1:90282930) : 1 month of donor ($5) 4. blazewip (STEAM_1:1:83171358) : 3 months of donor ($10) 5. boo (STEAM_0:0:19347206) : 1 month of donor ($5) Those 5 donations should sum up to $30. Thank you to Moop for organizing the contest, and Mr. @Welcome to ClanVPP for hosting the servers!!! Great contest.
  3. shoottomaim

    Insurgency is FREE!

    VPP has an Insurgency server, and the game is free to play for life if you hit "Install" within the next 48 hours! You don't even have to install; just hit the button and and it gets registered to your Steam account! https://store.steampowered.com/app/222880/Insurgency/ I nearly bought it yesterday as well, lmfao.
  4. shoottomaim

    New donation from Guest

    go pay for daddy blazewip poor man gets kicked every night
  5. shoottomaim

    hey im sorry

    Update: Du Ma unbanned him.
  6. shoottomaim

    hey im sorry

    Hey, it looks like you were IP banned by accident. Moop will look into this.
  7. shoottomaim

    New donation from Guest

  8. shoottomaim

    Contest Poll

    Can't revote now that my suggestion is in the poll :[
  9. shoottomaim

    accepted [Apply for Admin] Chokelele

    I enjoy watching Chokelele play CS:GO. They are my favorite CS:GO player. When they get a frag, I think to myself "yes". When the other team kills him, I think to myself "no". He would be a great admin, +1
  10. shoottomaim

    Contest Poll

    wow that's actually toxic i've been doing it a lot less dad pls
  11. shoottomaim

    Contest Poll

    most recorded ninjas
  12. shoottomaim

    Finally after many years made a profile

    i see what you did there
  13. shoottomaim

    Finally after many years made a profile

    I'm like 50% certain you can donate Steam skins instead.
  14. shoottomaim

    Inferno Dawn

    That's sexy
  15. shoottomaim

    Congratulations to Hype!!

  16. shoottomaim

    accepted [Applying for Admin]Nesb

  17. shoottomaim

    Player Crashed server?

    When was this? This exploit should've been fixed...
  18. shoottomaim

    accepted [Applying for Admin]Nesb

    NGL I never see you communicate in-game (I'm rarely on nowadays though) but I have seen you help populate the server so that's good Good luck!!!
  19. shoottomaim

    Congrats to Reece on becoming a TF2 admin !!

    Looking forward to working with you on improving TF2 Reece, welcome to the team! For any other TF2 players reading this thread, if you feel like you're qualified feel free to apply in the appropriate forum :].
  20. shoottomaim

    Potential for Discord Server

    holy fuck that's actually toxic LMAOOOO
  21. shoottomaim

    Mr. Moop Promotion

    Very well deserved promotion, gj Moop!!
  22. shoottomaim

    Potential for Discord Server

    New link that won't expire: https://discord.gg/aebHWWh
  23. shoottomaim

    Potential for Discord Server

    An issue with Discord is that you can't add too many channels otherwise it gets a bit cancer to navigate through. TS has tabs so it's a lot easier to see groupings/nested channels. But otherwise, Discord is a great option.
  24. shoottomaim

    accepted [Apply For Admin] Reece

    When you have a chance give me an add on Steam so we can talk about TF2 :). id/shoottomaim
  25. shoottomaim

    accepted [Apply For Admin] Reece

    Thanks for your response. My goal wasn't to interrogate you, it was more to understand the context of what you said. Chat is nearly useless without context. You have to understand that with players applying from the TF2 server it's important to ensure that the admins we hire are of quality. The aim of my questions was merely to give you a chance to explain yourself. Anyways, if you do end up getting admin, realize that you'll have to start enforcing the rules (e.g. no n-bombs from other players, reduce spam, etc). I know the server is really casual but there is a line that needs to be drawn. Mr. VPP will get back to you, hold tight.