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  1. What mouse are you guys using?

    I have been having more and more issues with the g500 feeling too big for my girlish hands. Any recommendations on smaller mice?
  2. Sons of Anarchy

    This is actually one of the shows I havent seen yet
  3. SUP.

    It's just a nickname I stuck with and identified with when I started playing online games. Started off as Mr. Roboto during the MOHAA days; shortened to Roboto after I started a [Mr.] clan that was shortlived in the 1.5 days; and most recently last year shortened it down to Robo. Easier to say over the mic.
  4. What music do you like?

    Ive heard extensively ABOUT Animal Collective before but before tonight, never sat down and listened to them. I saw them perform on Conan and then watched that video. Good stuff. Streaming the new Flying Lotus album. Very chill. Genre--jazz, hip hop beat, IDM, electrohouse. Listen here: http://pitchfork.com/news/47956-stream- ... tus-album/ Their other album Cosmagramma was jammin'. You might have seen the below video late at night on adult swim before [youtube:1k6olka5]http://youtu.be/wtjZOf0WmdE[/youtube:1k6olka5] [youtube:1k6olka5]http://youtu.be/2uCyv05SG1g[/youtube:1k6olka5]
  5. What mouse are you guys using?

    went from the mx518 to the g500 last year.
  6. SUP.

    Maybe daddy...maybe. Hahaha
  7. SUP.

    Hey True...I remember you now too! Crazy. I played there almost exclusively.
  8. SUP.

  9. VPP Face Thread

    Resident beaner here reporting in for duty! AY PAPI [img:54eon9jf]https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/564663_10100613680775693_762642426_n.jpg[/img:54eon9jf]
  10. SUP.

    Hey yall, I'm Robo. I've been popping in and out of the server, you might've seen me as #teamchubby Robo. Im pretty close to Dallas and get a great ping in your server. I really enjoy the atmosphere in there, which is hard to come by in CS. I've been playing since the 1.5 era a few years before steam was released and everything was on WON. So since 2002/3. The server from source I played on frequently was (-AHP-) After Hours Pub and it's not nearly as active since GO came out. Ill be dropping in more!
  11. Lets see those rigs!

    fucking leet setups guize. i have a dell all in one lmao. i guess its because im a very poor person.
  12. Kodak Moment

    im drunk and all for this bullshit. i love the dudes kissing. really touches my naughty place.
  13. What music do you like?

    Nice post ambient -- I love BOC Im going down to deep ellum next week to see stepdad, their ep was great and they just released their first lp this year. they have a catchy electropop sound. listen to it here: http://stepdad.bandcamp.com/ [youtube:2xavbmz6]http://youtu.be/24boljZDeCg[/youtube:2xavbmz6] [youtube:2xavbmz6]http://youtu.be/H91bEGJYBU4[/youtube:2xavbmz6] ill be heading down to deep ellum again to see freelance whales the following week. they are more of a folk indie band new album coming out oct 9th and seeing the 10th. tight. [youtube:2xavbmz6]http://youtu.be/LOyM3xdSurQ[/youtube:2xavbmz6] and then in november ill be going to see STARFUCKER, again, in the deep ellum area. electropop [youtube:2xavbmz6]http://youtu.be/AcukstLwNPw[/youtube:2xavbmz6] [youtube:2xavbmz6]http://youtu.be/NTuygg7TD6U[/youtube:2xavbmz6] if any of you dallasfags like these, come out to the shows!