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  1. Just to add to the chorus, liking things way better w/ the plugin. Appreciate the work y'all did.
  2. Dope, I put in 50 --and it put that 50 toward the counter on the homepage. Not sure that matters but yeh
  3. Yo so I just realised this was a thing. If I wanted to donate a lil bit to the prize-pool, how would I go about doing that? Should I just donate like usual & put it in the note? And yeah, playing on mdnght's team
  4. I quite like it. I think it's a good, fun little thing. I can agree with the notion that it may...devalue actual knife skins in the server. But eh. That doesn't seem like the biggest issue, especially if they're all unskinned knives (even if vanilla may be my fave), which most people's personal skins aren't.
  5. SRT

    [Accepted] SRT

    NickName: SRT Age: 22 How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games? : Off and on since I was super young. Played for liiike...7 of those years? Again, super off and on; I just picked the game up again a couple months back after not playing for 3ish years. Ever had an admin function before? : I never pubbed much before this time picking up CS, so I've only had admin functions on two of my clan's private servers a long time ago, along with one other pub. -Why do you think you deserve admin? / When will you be active? : Mmmm, that's a loaded question innit? But I'm on more than anyone (I work 9 hours a day from home and a lot of that time's spent playing CS while listening to conference calls, so I'm on a lot), and I generally try not to get upset or angry with people. Worth noting my job requires a good deal of travel, so there'll be 2-3 day periods where I'll be gone without at trace. That sort of thing's been increasingly rare these days, though. How will you draw people into our server? : Hrm, well I try to be kind & welcoming to people who join the server (especially people who are new to the game), and I don't play on pubs that aren't VPP's (just scrim w/ friends) because pubs usually suck. I, "SRT", agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences. P.S. Sorry for taking a bit to apply. Had some personal stuff I wanted out of the way first
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