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      Donation information   02/03/2017

      Please be sure to include your steam ID and IGN in the comments while you donate so we know who its from if you're logged in as guest (Unless you're registered and signed in) It will automatically post a thread once you donate   If you did not include this information in your Donation Note, Please create a new Support Request here with the following information: Your In-Game Name SteamID
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      Player Support   03/12/2017

      Please use our Support Central located here:http://clanvpp.com/forum/7-support-central/ CHATBOX IS NOT FOR SUPPORT
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      VPP LAN Party Late 2017/Early 2018   04/04/2017

      Please click the following thread for more information and replies  
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      VPP Winter 2018 Tournament   09/01/2017

      Its that time of year again. Sign up by January 8th, 2018.  Click here for details


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    Sign me up on that team dinokiller. STEAM_1:0:261050
  2. Reserved slots.

    Reserved slots will be updated tomorrow instead of tonight. Sorry for the delay and enjoy gaming on the Very Poor People servers!
  3. Jan Contest Winners Chicago

    I have half the kills/death clearly because I play less than you? Probably got more bomb plants/defuse than you because I do objectives? It also depends who you die to for point loss. Please explain to me why you reply to this but not to batman's post, I'd love to know.
  4. Jan Contest Winners Chicago

    [img:1w73wpuh]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-SvzhyIoVJOQ/TXlZ6RFmq_I/AAAAAAAABYw/Nm7VC8Hc5hs/s1600/jordan_090902.jpg[/img:1w73wpuh] I'd like to thank everyone who believed in me. Fuck you Shaners(little bitch).
  5. HsppY B-Day Brainy!!

    [img:33nk7g1l]http://media02.hongkiat.com/geeky-cakes/diablo-3.jpg[/img:33nk7g1l] Wrong cake noob. Happy birthday
  6. [Accepted] john[pzp] APP

    VPP isn't cool btw. [img:358l4gb2]http://alltheragefaces.com/img/faces/svg/troll-troll-dad-dance-jump.svg[/img:358l4gb2]
  7. *Attention* PSL Relations

    I'm not implying that you didn't know. I was kinda just making a comment towards your post. It's a good thing to let other people know though.
  8. *Attention* PSL Relations

    For one, it's whosURdaddy, not "your", because our daddy is clearly illiterate. And the need for {VPP} isn't even needed on the Steam's friendslist because of the clantags now. So..... to anyone else, don't get fooled? these little things give it away instantly
  9. [Accepted] My App Thingy.

    Do you mind changing your name? Clearly you stole my name and flipped it around. -dimiT
  10. Congratz TWEAKSUR and EasySHOT

    This easyshot guy think he has a big epeen but.......
  11. I wont be Home Feb 8th to 10th

    Why the fuck is the text pink?
  12. How it feels to play with Whosurdaddy

    [img:2o0wkx6m]http://i.imgur.com/hJz2o.jpg[/img:2o0wkx6m] USELESS
  13. New Year's resolutions

    10 points or 10 pounds? goes both ways [img:2jnznn7u]http://i.imgur.com/fPFmW.jpg[/img:2jnznn7u]
  14. Stame Farm Vs Team Lantern de_inferno

    http://i.imgur.com/q0Fij.jpg CLAN SO TRASH