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  1. TwiZ_-

    [UNBANNED] LeBrown Jones

    Ban has been lifted due to not enough evidence to support it. Be aware to all that on our servers we have a ZERO tolerance to cheating/exploits. We will be keeping an eye on you along with all others.
  2. TwiZ_-

    Another GTA 5 Giveaway!! During March

    https://youtu.be/HGD-82Mk2B4?list=UUb59 ... 6ugIdLjiCw
  3. TwiZ_-

    Another GTA 5 Giveaway!! During March

    Thank you daddy for the win I never win anything >.< lol. Hope to see someof you on there if the game actually releases on time this time ^^
  4. TwiZ_-

    Welcome our Newest VPP member TWIZ

    lol thanks for all the welcomes and mango...I hate you...
  5. TwiZ_-

    Welcome our Newest VPP member TWIZ

    HAHA I love the photo! And thanks! Glad to be here ^^
  6. TwiZ_-

    [Accepted] TwiZ_- App Finally :P

    Thanks alot ill tag up immediatly ^_^
  7. TwiZ_-

    [Accepted] TwiZ_- App Finally :P

    •Screen Name: TwiZ_- •Real Name (Last name not required): Cody •Age: 26 •Location (City, State, Country): Decatur,AL, U.S of A •Previous Clans (if applicable): •Playing CS since: 8 years •Preferred Weapon: AK47 or M4 sometimes AWP •Preferred Map: Dust 2,Inferno,Train,Nuke •Why would you want to become a VPP member? This is the only server I play on and i figured,hell why not join them and hang out and have fun. I do have one thing, I have a VAC ban on my record from roughly 8 years ago for downloading a ack I knew was detected for CS 1.6. I got tired of the game and disliked it after CS Source.So me like a kid not thinking I decided to use it and get banned. I figured id tell it here and not lie or try and hide it opposed to hiding it and someone asking questions later. If im declined for this I completly understand and will have no heartache over it. Thank you