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  1. Thanks for the interest, I’ll clarify best I can. 1. We currently have about 500 registered users. Your very own Daddy is doing a tremendous job of bring in new users. About 10% have initially funded their accounts. I think this will increase as our reputation grows. Nobody really likes to transfer money into something they’ve never really heard about on the internet. We lowered the minimum deposit amount from $10 to $5 as per Daddy’s request. 2. For Ultra Gaming to be enabled when you join a server you need a balance equal to or greater than the death amount on the server. For VPP servers fo
  2. Hi, I operate the Ultra Gaming plugin. Daddy has invited me here to comment and answer any questions you may have. First off I want to say I think you have a great community and like the way your servers are administered. I think that’s what Counter-Strike is all about. Let me describe the plugin details and then you can ask me some questions if you want. Players sign up on the Ultra Gaming website, they make a deposit with either PayPal or Bitcoin. The account is not tied to PayPal they just make a deposit when they want to. They can withdraw at any time the same way PayPal or Bitcoin (ther
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