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  1. Kami2

    Seeeeeecret Santa *CANCELLED*

    Bump! Reminder that date to be signed up is in 2 days! If we do not get enough members by November 24th, this event will be cancelled
  2. Kami2

    New CoD!

    I just got it on PC, refunded it immediately. Going to pick it back up on PS4 one day. I dunno, I can't do multiplayer on PC and dropping 60$ for just zombies is ridiculous.
  3. Kami2

    Seeeeeecret Santa *CANCELLED*

    rip event secret santa cancelled
  4. Kami2

    de_dust2 at night?

    Yes to cpl_mill please. Remove dust2_night, I lose a shitfuckton of frames and the way rotation works, it's dust2 map dust2 dust2night. It's a one-trick pony, doesn't last long. I honestly think overpass and cobblestone are popular enough, leaning more towards overpass tho.
  5. Kami2

    Whosurdaddy's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Toan!
  6. Kami2

    VPP NYC Csgo Pub Server

    Can you set starting cash to 800$ please?
  7. Kami2

    More advertisement for Canada server

    We could open another Dallas server to handle the influx of new players, then shut it down later if it isn't as active. Yeah, an eastern server would be much appreciated, playing on Dallas with 100ms is too hard
  8. Kami2

    Windows 10? Is it worth the upgrade?

    There's been many cases of Windows 10 fucking over nvidia drivers completely, so that might be the problem. Wait for the next 3 or so updates before upgrading to Windows 10. I already moved to 10, and have gotten an extra 5-10 frames, but I'd still say wait for a Service Pack.
  9. Kami2

    csgo issues

    Toan's right, it's literally how CSGO handles extracting texture files and meshes for certain items on maps and the GUI. You can't really do anything unless you download a mod that cleans up the console. Even then, it just hides the text. It still occurs, and I'm not sure how VAC-safe the mod is.
  10. Kami2

    csgo issues

    I always ignore those, don't worry about it.
  11. Kami2

    Our New VPP Super Model!!!

    [quote="BlackStar":j2a0jqt4]I still want pics of Toan to model a VPP hair weave. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations.[/quote:j2a0jqt4] Jesus Christ, that bump though.
  12. Kami2

    Canada Comp Lag Spikes

    I don't know if anyone has reported this yet, but the Canada Competitive server is starting to lag spike more frequently than before. It might be the reason why the player count has been so low recently. Could someone look into this?
  13. Kami2

    [DENIED] ^FacE

    I can vouch for this guy. Friendly and plays often on Canada. Would help a lot and cover timezones and days Dave and I aren't on.
  14. Kami2

    !ws or weapon skins mod

    https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=261288 All the info you need is down there. On the downside, they're asking us not to restrict it to donors-only. However on the upside, would attract more players. Also, I heard most servers bypass the "available to everyone" restriction by limiting the use to the first 30 seconds of the round then enabling it permanently by donating.
  15. Kami2

    Killing Floor 2

    Anyone getting it? I'm thinking of grabbing a 6-pack for my college mates and we'll all going to join my dedi server. If anyone's down to play, I'm free to pick up after classes.