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  1. anjeruh

    Our New Server Tech!!!

    Great to have you! I take it I won't have to see the ominous sign of the server crashing with Daddy's name changing to "Working on Server" anymore right?
  2. anjeruh

    VPP Community Tournament Match Thread

    hey stalker
  3. anjeruh

    VPP Community Tournament Match Thread

    so i was going to say 930 est but we have a match (vpp) not the community tourney at 9 EST so earliest would be 10 for us :X
  4. anjeruh

    VPP Community Tournament Match Thread

    hey 905 how's tomorrow after 7 (was it PST or CST?)
  5. anjeruh

    Weekend or Weekday Knife Fight?

    ive seen on this other server every 50 rounds (theirs was on office) they had this like...deathmatch with everyone on the outside part of garage with all these guns on the ground and whichever team gets their kills first with guns eliminated each time you die with the last kills being knifes. It's probably about the equivalent to 1-1.5 minutes it was entertaining at the very least. Maybe something similar to that? A whole night dedicated to extras like that seems a bit excessive though.
  6. k for sure team Shortbus - Blackmage, Dekade, Razi, Anjeruh, Hoisin K THANKS!
  7. if you have the space...some of my friends and i will play. Team Name: Team Shortbus Anjeruh, Blackmage, Jokersfury/Hikaru, Keepaway and Subst8 .
  8. anjeruh

    Agnieszka (AKA Angie) XD

    I have no issues baiting other people, it's called survival tactics. Besides, you'd bait too if you had people specifically looking to kill you. Not naming names of course *cough* Razi *cough*
  9. anjeruh

    WiKKiD's Application

    not that i don't like wikkid he's a cool guy for sure, but there wasn't really a point for someone like tromer either but you made him app too....it was the fastest amount of "Yes'es" I had seen. Also, where's his picture? Isn't that part of the new app process? :O
  10. anjeruh

    Dead All Talk

    you say that but i killed you quite a few times today...
  11. anjeruh

    Dead All Talk

    ive seen dead team talk work fine. but all talk no thank you. i intentionally go against razi so i dont have to hear him.
  12. anjeruh

    Congratulations Meow!!