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  1. hippo

    unbanned hippo STEAM_0:0:101885939

    Fair enough
  2. In-game Name: hippo Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:101885939 Reason to Appeal: I got banned about 1-2 years ago, I honestly can't remember why or who banned me, but I was an every day player who basically only played on that server. I quit soon after getting banned from the server, but recently have come back. I hope I can get unbanned and start playing again. Ban Message: I can't remember to be honest Server: Dallas
  3. Please add me if you're interested in trading for a Flip Knife Night BS or a StatTrak M4A1-S Blood Tiger Min Wear. No lowballing, 1:1 ratio please. You can find me at the Dallas Server
  4. hippo

    Knife Plugin problem?

    Ah, nvm. It worked thanks
  5. hippo

    Knife Plugin problem?

    Doesn't work
  6. hippo

    Knife Plugin problem?

    I can't use the knife plugin due to the fact that I already have a knife, but I really want to use different knives. Is there any way to fix this?
  7. hippo

    Anyone Up for Some Comp? < DMG +

    My IGN is hippo, you can find me on the Dallas server. Btw i'm only good at D2, inferno, cache, and maybe Mirage & Nuke
  8. hippo

    Anyone Up for Some Comp? < DMG +

    I'm a DMG but i don't use my mic much. I'll still use it but only for important calls and stuff.
  9. hippo

    Carry me 2 eagle

    If I pay someone like 10 dollars or something to carry me DMG -> Eagle, would anyone do it?
  10. hippo

    [NO BAN GIVEN] Banned because idk

    I can't join the server and i'm guessing because I got banned and I have no idea why. I won't mind being banned if an admin would explain to me why but i'm pissed right now
  11. hippo

    New maps and map voting?

    Ahh alright cool! I'll ask an admin next time for a map voting. P.S licitious I had no idea you were an admin O_O
  12. hippo

    New maps and map voting?

    Ahhh I see
  13. hippo

    New maps and map voting?

    I've been playing on the Dallas VPP server for about 2-3 months now, and it's the only pub server I play at. Recently I've been thinking that maybe the head people of VPP should consider putting in more maps for us players to play on; preferably classic maps ( Office, Italy, etc) since currently there's only 5 maps to be played on. Maybe implementing this change will atttact attention from other CS:GO players who do not currently play on VPP and are looking for unique maps. I know some of the current VPP players may not like different maps being implemented and that's why I also think that players should be able to vote for the next map during a game. This will allow players to vote for the map they are "craving" to play at. Thank you for your time.