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  1. AzyTazer

    No donation perks?

    Hello, I donated 2 days ago and still haven't got my perks yet (Can't join full server, no custom skins, etc..)
  2. AzyTazer

    More advertisement for Canada server

    If our main traffic is around Dallas area then another Dallas server would work, more and more people are getting donations in and as far as I can see it, regular players get dropped every 15-40 minutes, it's frustrating and unaccommodating for new people as well as other regular players. Who would really want to play in a server where they get kicked before each half? To be honest, I feel like Dallas is becoming pay to play now, it's great to have more donations but it's kinda killing new players.
  3. AzyTazer

    More advertisement for Canada server

    That's true, I mean I saw a lot of pub servers went poof these few months and Dallas seems got a little more traffic because of it. The thing is that the amount of people pouring to Dallas is a little too much as far as I see it. Do we still put messages about other VPP servers on the green server texts? I seen them before but can't recall if I seen any recently. If not then I think putting them on might be a good idea, at least then people might know that there are other places as well.
  4. AzyTazer

    More advertisement for Canada server

    For people that don't know, we do have a Canada server, for some reason that I don't remember, the server went missing and popped back around a week ago but there is no traffic. Up until now, the server received no advertisement and is always dead while Dallas is receiving constant traffic (Many players went to play on Dallas as well). The current situation for Dallas is unaccommodating for new players, as people getting dropped constantly to make space for our donators. Of course, it is not unfair but please, advertise Canada more so people have a place to play on and don't get dropped after 10-15 rounds. I started out playing on Canada around 6-7 months ago, the server is never as dead as it is now so please, make it known to the p̶l̶e̶b̶s̶ regular players. It's a waste of resource letting a server going near empty 24/7 like this. TL;DR: Canada server is dead while Dallas is always crowded, might be better to split the traffic. [b:x3a28avr]VPP Canada is, please stop by once in a while.[/b:x3a28avr] Thanks for reading.