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  1. Deadpool

    accepted [Apply for Admin] Chokelele

    Choke has always been cool w/ me. Should be a welcomed member from where I stand. +1
  2. Deadpool


    If anyone needs a 5th I'm game just hit me up on steam Deadpool.
  3. Deadpool

    Valve Cracking down on communities

    fuck valve cuh!
  4. Deadpool

    Welcome our new Community Admin.

    MERLE!! About time.
  5. Deadpool

    Great Server [Dallas]

    Thanks for supporting and playing in our servers!!
  6. Deadpool

    Please Welcome our 2 newest VPP members!!!

    Congrats guys!!! Ninja GET IN VENT!! Happy to have you on board. Desu well what can I say gotta get rid of those 4 stars... Happy to have you guys and welcome to the VPP family.
  7. Deadpool

    I'm back!!

    Hi all !!!! I know it's been a long time and there are a lot of new recruits and members and I would like to introduce myself. I'm Ren aka Deadpool. To everyone else much love and missed everyone. Hopefully I'll be back in the server within a couple of weeks working on computer problems right now. Deadpool
  8. Deadpool

    WiKKiD's Application

    I agree is there a point to the app w/ wikkid. He has the hours and everyone likes him.
  9. Deadpool

    Congratulations Meow!!

    Welcome!! About time!!
  10. Deadpool

    Happy Thanksgiving From the VPP Family

    I think i just fell in love w/ a food item. Lets all stop and rejoice at the sheer simplicity yet complexity of flavors. The bacon wrapping the turkey tightly holding all the goodness of a Thanksgiving dinner and the turkey pulling the bacon closer as if wanting to be lulled to sleep by the bacon. It's just pure bliss in every bite. Happy Turkey Day VPP and friends.
  11. Deadpool

    Hey VPP!

    Happy to have you here!!
  12. Deadpool

    What's for dinner?

    those look amazing. it's jalapenos and bacon how could you go wrong.
  13. Deadpool

    What's for dinner?

    LOOKS FANTASTIC!! I can't wait to make it. Thank you very much sir!!
  14. Deadpool

    Coming back to CS

    Glad to have you! Thanks for your support.