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  1. 0wne2dk1ll

    Congratz to Predz on beoming UK admin

    Thanks for the warm welcoming guys
  2. 0wne2dk1ll

    October contest for UK?

    Over the past couple of days a few people ive come across and myself are intrigued if theres any plans for a UK contest as one hasnt being stated here on the forums or just not being posted.
  3. 0wne2dk1ll

    VPP Halloween Skins?

    yes the alien skin from Aliens V Predator on ct
  4. 0wne2dk1ll

    Post your Battlestation

    Temporary setup
  5. 0wne2dk1ll

    Anyone Up for Some Comp? < DMG +

    Yeah thats fine i dont require for you your mic every second just to pass on the information i need etc if your interested leave your ign and ill be looking forward to be playing some mm
  6. 0wne2dk1ll

    New maps and map voting?

    Awwe thats a shame however i guess its for the best if its a server killer so i stand by the decsion
  7. 0wne2dk1ll

    RE Introduction - PREDZ

    My ign: Predz Sorry for not stating it within my actual post
  8. 0wne2dk1ll

    Congratz Homestarrrrrrrr

    Congrats on the admin position
  9. 0wne2dk1ll

    Congratz to Batman!!

    GRTZ MAN now go capture bane
  10. 0wne2dk1ll

    MSI Radeon R9 270 2GB OC + 3 Games - $120

    Would i have to pay anything extra apart from shipping if i wanted to purchase this and get it shipped to the UK?
  11. 0wne2dk1ll

    shoottomaim - old player new forums acc :)

    welcome to the family
  12. 0wne2dk1ll

    Free Pizza Hut pizza!!

    Damm i missed this deal would of being perfect for me lol, anyway thanks for sharing
  13. 0wne2dk1ll

    Anyone Up for Some Comp? < DMG +

    [color=#000040:2tyhx8lg]Upon writing this i have the urge to get back into MM, if anyones interested in playing with me message me . im an Eagle smurf currently playing on an MG2 account. i have 2 requirements, that you have a mic and that you are DMG +.[/color:2tyhx8lg]
  14. 0wne2dk1ll

    Forum Account Reset?

    Hi guys i have no idea whats gone on, however i think my forum account has being reset. im not sure this is totaly true however i had to "re Create" this account last night and everything was reset. just wondering if its possible to get it back? like my post count etc. If not , no worries i guess ill start from scratch