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  1. st1morol-EZ-

    No More AWP Whore Contest 30$ prize

    xD, I really want to win :D. x5 scout daily rewards
  2. st1morol-EZ-

    unbanned waterfall

    yes, it's working, thank you so much
  3. st1morol-EZ-

    unbanned waterfall

    Thanks for giving me another chance VPP. I just tried joining and it won't let me, can any of you help me?
  4. st1morol-EZ-

    unbanned waterfall

    In-game Name: waterfall Steam ID: steam_0:1:90282930 Reason to Appeal: I want to apologize to all the players whom I insulted, I promise that this will not happen again. I admit my guilt that very often I did not follow my own language, but I changed. I promise that I will not dare anyone else to offend, I apologize again. I know its my last chance and I want to prove to you guys that I can change and be mature.If I am to be toxic again, please give me guidance and warn me. Ban Message: Permanent Ban (Toxicity) Server: Very Poor People | Dallas| Comp| 128 Tick |ClanVPP.com ( steam_0:1:90282930 steam_0:1:90282930 steam_0:1:90282930
  5. st1morol-EZ-

    banned st1morol-EZ-

    why didnt u do that? u were talking shit, and i muted u
  6. st1morol-EZ-

    banned st1morol-EZ-

    lol u were talking shit to me too, than i muted u spoolin
  7. st1morol-EZ-

    banned st1morol-EZ-

    no reason? i said my reason like 3 times already and so when u guys were talking shit to me while im muted this is normal?
  8. st1morol-EZ-

    banned st1morol-EZ-

    i got kicked only for slot reservation lol, ur warnings idk? cuz i mute u like always cuz " i dont want to hear urs baiter and other shit", mute? only once yesterday 4 csgo accs? show me them i want to see them
  9. st1morol-EZ-

    banned st1morol-EZ-

    oh this is " I AM" kid, who had name "waterfall's dad" and this kiddo saying im toxic to him? u were talking shit when im not even talking to u, so u should be banned
  10. st1morol-EZ-

    banned st1morol-EZ-

    lol i said why am i toxic, cuz ppl like u and other guys talking shit to me, saying im cheating and other shit, if u didnt see but im nice to ppl who are nice to me
  11. st1morol-EZ-

    banned st1morol-EZ-

    and pls give me video evidence for my toggling and my wallhax
  12. st1morol-EZ-

    banned st1morol-EZ-

    lol fishy shots and insane reaction, maybe i just good player and i dont toggle, i dont understand how can be an admin with out rank and without game sense. did u watch how even semi pro players play? they are better than me, so when u see good player even without VAC in record, with at least $150 inventory, ik that ppl with $10k getting VAC but at doesnt matter, u think im toggling, "pro train, loosers complain" and about toxic, i know that i'm toxic, but why don't u ban other ppl like "I am" or urself when u are talking shit to me, and how can't I be toxic when ppl like "I am" talking shit to me, even im not talking to him im shitty copy of s1mple
  13. st1morol-EZ-

    banned st1morol-EZ-

    got banned by du ma, for wallhack, but no demo or any evidences for this.