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Found 10 results

  1. STEAM_1:1:188709391 Dallas server I'm accusing him of cheats. The way he aims reeks of aim cheats and he gets absurd headshots. Some of the better players on the server have expressed similar opinions (e.g., waterfall). He was banned from another community here for scripting along with suspicion for aim cheats. Cheats aside, his account is highly suspicious. It's a recent 9-dig and his earliest CSGO achievement is dated May 28, yet he has 3500 hours. His actual time played is only 72 hours:
  2. Hi, Banned for something I don't remember. Trying to get back into csgo! Help me out?
  3. banned just donated, pls unban me

    STEAM_0:1:199238683 pls unban that steam id I just donated $25 to help out. I got banned for mic spamming, wont happen again.
  4. banned Pain-0:1:204180741

    Name: Pain Steam id: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198368627211/ Reason: This server is life Message: 1st: "multi-hack" 2nd: "Somatik" Unfortunately, my second account has been banned as of yesterday due to events that I believe to be in relation to my older and compromised steam account. Last December ESEA was the victim of a failed extortion attempt which resulted in the release of ESEA account information. My leaked ESEA account information was the same as my steam and therefore I believe it was used to access my account. After contemplating about this I truly now believe why my other account was banned for "multi-hacking" due to malicious intent from another person other than myself. Info: [LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN]
  5. banned {Appeal} InSaNe

    STEAM_1:1:59397464 Date: 2017-01-18 @ 2am By: Shibby Reason: Probably because i decided to rush instead of playing last man standing. I believe that ban was pretty severe...I know I'm not pro like most of the players on the server but I usually rush when some1 lead the rush and call it. Just like the last 2 round I played be4 getting banned...but problem was i had the bomb. Would like to continue playing on VPP...thx reviewing my case!
  6. banned st1morol-EZ-

    got banned by du ma, for wallhack, but no demo or any evidences for this.
  7. banned smilemore

    STEAM_1:1:7347664 Hi there, I am not able to access dallas server. I am not sure why this occurred. I wasn't hacking... Please advise. Thank you,
  8. banned NeverEnding

    Hey guys, i was banned last night around 10pm Central. I was not given a reason? Just curious as to why? Ive been playing here for about a month id say with no problems with any player. And donated cause this is a great server. Just curious to why i got banned? Thanks.
  9. banned Ban Appeal

    Name: ✩Snow✩ B-Day in 2 Days Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:176918645 Reason to Appeal: Banned yet should not have been (I was gettign harrased by others yelling at me that I am hacking yet, Im not) Ban Message: Banned Server: Very Poor People | Dallas| Comp| 128 Tick |ClanVPP.com
  10. Hello, TOPIC: Power of Friendship and KingFrannie banage I still don't know who admin was, even when we asked he or she did not fess up. He/she the said we were team stacking even when KingFrannie was moving over to the losing side..... We then asking who admin was repeatedly and still yet not informed about who he/she was. Then there was an afk and we told who ever admin was to do there job and kick the afks.....Then we got banned...no clue by who...I paid 10 myself to a res....NO warning, no kick, just straight ban..... Even though we got banned.....b will forever b on LOCK! Still curious about who admin was...couldn't man up and tell us who he/she was. Power of Friendship(Owner of BonLock clan) (Patrick)