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Found 5 results

  1. In-game Name: hippo Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:101885939 Reason to Appeal: I got banned about 1-2 years ago, I honestly can't remember why or who banned me, but I was an every day player who basically only played on that server. I quit soon after getting banned from the server, but recently have come back. I hope I can get unbanned and start playing again. Ban Message: I can't remember to be honest Server: Dallas
  2. unbanned waterfall

    In-game Name: waterfall Steam ID: steam_0:1:90282930 Reason to Appeal: I want to apologize to all the players whom I insulted, I promise that this will not happen again. I admit my guilt that very often I did not follow my own language, but I changed. I promise that I will not dare anyone else to offend, I apologize again. I know its my last chance and I want to prove to you guys that I can change and be mature.If I am to be toxic again, please give me guidance and warn me. Ban Message: Permanent Ban (Toxicity) Server: Very Poor People | Dallas| Comp| 128 Tick |ClanVPP.com ( steam_0:1:90282930 steam_0:1:90282930 steam_0:1:90282930
  3. unbanned Vintovka ban apeal

    IGN- Vintovka ID- STEAM_0:1:13534589 We were playing Italy and was doing really well, 50+ kills with awp and go banned with no message. Just donated too =( I really love this server and hope this gets sorted out. Message just said banned, no reason VPP Dallas Comp
  4. unbanned Me Feet

    Player Name: Me feet Steam id: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028168748 Ban reason: Spawn Camping? Ban: Strike 3 (permanent) been a while since last offense Reasons for un-banning: Call was placed to admin for "spawn camping" on revolt, I was T side and rocketed the security choke point leaving the beach. That rocket placement seems to be pretty common practice on the server, as well used by most experienced players. If that's considered spawn camping I wasn't aware. Most was brought up by a player who I felt like was trolling with !call requests. I got a kick from the server shortly after. I'm not sure if admins spectate after calls but I think it would have been apparent that spawn killing isn't my priority. I try not to play like a dick because I prefer close games (ending a round on the first objective isn't too exciting). Anyhow attached is a screenshot of a message from the troller after I was banned. I enjoy playing on the server and the skill level of some of the players. I hope the ban can be reconsidered.
  5. unbanned Shaggy STEAM_1:0:14760129

    i was in the server one day and i have no excuse i acted like a jerk and was out of line, i was tryin to tell an admin not to kick me just mute me and i was too forcefull with him, and i do apologize to that admin it was uncalled for i have been banned for a while and at one point i was donating to this server. i do not expect to get unbanned just because i was a donator i am just apologizing to the admin and to anyone i have annoyed. All i would like is to be unbanned and to come back and play with my friends and i will nevr act like the asshole i was again. All im asking for is another chance and i am truly sorry to the admin for being a jerk. i was messing around with a friend that i usually do in the server and the admin told me to stop, i didnt. i will not be giving an excuse i was trolling a friend and i was aggressive to the admin and i have said it many times in this that i apologize to the admin for uneccessary actions. I hope you guys can forgive me so i can come back and play with the kids i have been playing with for the past couple years now. thank you for giving me a chance to apologize and i hope u guys can find it in ur heart, as cheesy as it might sound im serious, to forgive me and let me come back to the VPP world. thank you