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ClanVPP - Very Poor People

[Denied] Big Dick Swagger AKA feardafloata

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Upload a picture OR avatar on imgur.com (At least 150px*150px) Screen Name: Big Dick Swagger (troll name) real name is Feardafloata Real Name (Last name not required): John Age:23 Location (City, State, Country):los lunas new mexico Previous Clans (if applicable): N/A but have been playing various games with weezy for 8+years Playing CS since:since 1.6 days Preferred Weapon:aug Preferred Map: dust2 Why would you want to become a VPP member? I am always on the server its the only one i play on. My boy Weezy is in it and he told me i should apply. Also i have likesd playing with the people on the server :D
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