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Weird CS:Go is already running issue

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Hiya, So I have tried to dig up some info on this and BruceLeeee has helped me look into it but no dice. My game gets locked out really badly and it seems to happen when I am kicked for slot reservations especially. If I happen to join a game after getting kicked for a slot reservation (it could be all kicks, not sure, haven't been kicked otherwise) then I cannot bring up scoreboard, I have no mini map and all of the kills/deaths are super tiny in the middle of the screen. It's unbearable to play with. So then I leave server to reboot CS. I go to the menu and click quit. I have also tried typing quit in console per some suggestions. When I try to restart CS again, computer says already running. So I CTRL ALT DELETE and try to end CSgo.exe. It won't let me. Also will not let me end process on Steam because CSgo.exe is running. By this time, I am sufficiently annoyed. End up having to reboot completely to get games to work again. I have tried this 'fix' i found online: Go to CSgo.exe in folder, right click and select troubleshoot compability settings. It seemed to help slightly but not a magic fix. Anyways, wondering if anyone else has this issue or has any suggestions pleeeaase :)

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