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[Apply For Member] Dopekoke

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[b:k79dz7v0]Screen Name:[/b:k79dz7v0] Dopekoke [b:k79dz7v0]Real Name (Last name not required):[/b:k79dz7v0] Jonathan Lee [b:k79dz7v0]Age:[/b:k79dz7v0] 26 [b:k79dz7v0]Location (City, State, Country):[/b:k79dz7v0] Garden Grove, CA US [b:k79dz7v0]Previous Clans (if applicable):[/b:k79dz7v0] TrU [b:k79dz7v0]Playing CS since:[/b:k79dz7v0] When the game came out in 2001 or somewhere around that time [b:k79dz7v0]Preferred Weapon:[/b:k79dz7v0] AK47/M4A4 [b:k79dz7v0]Preferred Map:[/b:k79dz7v0] Dust2, Inferno, Mirage, Cache, Mill [b:k79dz7v0]Why would you want to become a VPP member?[/b:k79dz7v0] I like the people here, very nice and easy to talk to. And we Koreans need to stick together as ONE.

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