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Hi... my name is... Hi... my name is...

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Well, as some of you may know me. I'm BrainY. aka BrY. I've recently played some counter-strike GO again, because I got tired of my other games (Battlefield4 and Diablo3). I was a VPP member a year or so ago and was wanting to say hi to all veterans and new members. Right now, you will probably see me mostly on the UK servers since I'm still in Belgium at the moment. I'll be back in the US on August 12! I hope to keep up with this forum... because I know I used to have to put a lot of time in it to make it active and now it seems very active :p Cya on the counter-strike field! PS... My sound is broken... I can't hear people come from left or right... I hear people coming from above me and such... Help me fix that? I know it used to work with the same headset... so yea xD
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Welcome back bud, Nice to chat with you on the UK server, Thanks for returning to the forums and saying hello to VPP. With your sound check your sounds cards, game cahce, in game sound settings or even auido jacks Welcome back and I hope you stay with CS for a while, And your work is still a value with the admin guides, app layouts (edited) and as you told me the VPP logo but it doesn't stop there you have done many things for VPP I have noticed your name is scattered around this forum. Welcome back to the world of CSGO GhostmanSAS VPP Manager
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