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[Notice] Read Before you Post your Map Request

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Please Make sure to remember that:

  1. if you are requesting maps for Dallas, there has to be 14 spawn points for Each CT/T, For Canada, There has to be at least 13 CT/T spawn points. There can be more spawn points, but never less.
  2. We just cannot play maps that have excessive glitches and problems ex. Getting stuck on walls, killed for no reason, etc
  3. Your map request has to make sense, and also be able to attract people ex.De_Bermuda in Dallas: Nice map, Actually was quite popular when i played in korea, glitch-less, but somehow it loses players.....................
  4. When Posting a map request, make a Poll(It is under the submit when posting a new topic) ex. Well, if map that you request has -10 votes, it would be unlikely.... sadly
  5. It is preferred that map is balanced as much as possible (Well, unless you want to play a map that can easily overturn 15-0 to 16-15 because of map advantage...)
  6. Think of Map size, we cant have map that like 100MB.... Size <30MB is preferred, but bit over should be fine.
  7. Map must be on Steam Workshop, no maps from other map content sites.
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