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Walt Jr

Lag issues with Canodia and only Canodia.

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So this just started happening lately, and im not sure if anyone else is having a similiar problem, but my connection to the canada server is just complete shit. My latency to all the servers on my favorite list are their usual pings, except for canada. Its much higher than usual. I usually get around 30-50, but recently have been at a steady 100. The canada server was recently restarted and that seemed to have helped, But then went back up to 100. Could it be my end and my connection? If so, what could I do to fix that? Its just so odd that this is the only server. Are there more people with this same shit? Please based god, help me. [img:3w142c9r]http://s3.amazonaws.com/rapgenius/1329773016_tumblr_l7bjpaMBo01qa6kqao1_400.jpg[/img:3w142c9r]

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