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[CS:GO]Application Guidelines - Read Before Applying (01/09)

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We look forward to reviewing your application for becoming a member of the Very Poor People community!

Requirements to apply:

  • Minimum age of 18
  • At least 20 hours playtim on the VPP server on the month you are applying
  • 20 forum posts No Spam
  • Have a clean record on our server (No Bans, complaints ect)

Note: To check your playtime on our server, visit our GameMe player stats and search for you nick name!


Please meet the requirements BEFORE applying! if you met the requirements, go ahead and copy the information below into a new topic to apply for a VPP membership!

  • Upload a picture OR avatar on Imgur (At least 150px*150px)
  • Screen Name
  • Real Name (Last name not required):
  • Location (City, State, Country):
  • Previous Clans (if applicable)
  • Playing CS since:
  • Preferred Weapon:
  • Preferred Map:
  • Why would you want to become a VPP member?

Picture or Avatar is needed for the roster if you become a VPP member


  • You will have a recruit status for 1 month and then there will be votes. To be granted membership, you will need votes. You will get positive votes from other members by playing frequently on the server, being active on our ventrilo server, and showing how respectful/mature you are.
  • 6 positive votes from existing members
  • 3 positive votes from admins
  • You have to wear your VPP recruit tag at all times



  • You have to wear your VPP recruit tag at all times
  • Very Poor People is mainly a CS:GO Community


NOTE: We reserve the right of admission

Written by BrainY. + Approved by Biospark

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