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Appeal locked? Read this

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People have been creating multiple ban appeals because I or a forum admin locks your topic.

The reason why your topic is locked is because we have made a decision and it's final and it's not up for discussion if we decide to keep you banned. We are not going to have a long discussion about your ban when we make it pretty clear to why you was banned and why you will not be unbanned. For those who don't get unbanned and their topic gets locked please don't create a new appeal I don't see why we need to repeat ourselves to why you are banned. Our decision is final.

I don't see why we have to keep repeating ourselves and get you to understand what you have done wrong. If we ban you permanently for example hacking it's pretty obvious that you know you was hacking so save the excuses we were not born yesterday. Anyone who creates multiple appeals if they stay banned and a member of the admin or management team tell you exactly why you were banned you will get a warning and the topic will be locked.

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