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Hello all, [center:26br879p][img:26br879p]http://i.imgur.com/FM8glQu.gif%22[/img:26br879p][/center:26br879p] Swiftnode are proud to sponser Very Poor People. Our staff moniter all servers 24/7 with full 24/7 customer support. We are pleased to be sponsering Very Poor People. [size=150:26br879p][color=#00BF00:26br879p]Features:[/color:26br879p][/size:26br879p] DDos Protection Managed Servers 24/7 Support Mod Manager High Peformance Servers [size=150:26br879p][color=#00BF00:26br879p]Services:[/color:26br879p][/size:26br879p] Webhosting Dedicated Servers Game Servers [size=150:26br879p][color=#00BF00:26br879p]Game Servers:[/color:26br879p][/size:26br879p] Counter Strike: Global Offensive Arma 3 Arma 3 Epoch Reflex Rust (Legacy) Team Fortress 2 Halo PC [size=150:26br879p][color=#00BF00:26br879p]Server Locations:[/color:26br879p][/size:26br879p] Dallas, US [Coming Soon] Las Vegas, US Montreal, CA Gravelines, FR [size=150:26br879p]Website: http://swiftnode.net/ [/size:26br879p] Swiftnode.net High Performance Game Servers

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