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TITAN's KQLY VAC Banned?!?!

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EMT_Batman    0
According to the yet unconfirmed list of alleged cheaters, three players for Fnatic were named. [quote:j5hd4s4r] pyth olofmeister krimz rallen KQLY Kioshima Apex JW [/quote:j5hd4s4r] Apparently, they've been utilizing an exploit through the Steam Workshop to automatically download/install malicious code to computers, whether they're playing online or at a LAN event. Here's the link to the original post. http://www.hltv.org/blog/8946-cheating- ... what-to-do

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Kerr    0
[quote="frankocean":qg7h46cm]You think so? Man this is terrible for the pro scene[/quote:qg7h46cm] its better to ban them all now, so down the road as csgo growns it wont come out and do more damage to the scene

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