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[Accepted] Frankocean

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Wassup thought I'd finally apply to this :D Upload a picture OR avatar on imgur.com (At least 150px*150px) [img:16b9b6pj]http://cdn.pigeonsandplanes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/drakdrakdarke.jpg[/img:16b9b6pj] Screen Name: frankocean Real Name (Last name not required): Shu Age: I'm 20 Location (City, State, Country): Currently in TO, going back to Waterloo in like a month (Canada eh) Previous Clans (if applicable): I was never a member of any other clans but I've played on a lot of other communities Playing CS since: 1.6 I think? On and off, used to be a DotA geek (and then LoL geek) back in the day Preferred Weapon: AK-47 + 250/5-7 Preferred Map: Mirage or Cache Why would you want to become a VPP member? Because VPP da bes and these are really the only servers I play on (apart from some scoutzknivez servers). Pretty much all my time playing CS is on a VPP server of some sort unless I'm MM'ing (and I always end up MM'ing with VPP people anyway so :lol: )

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