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Reflex Servers Now Available

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Hello, Swiftnode.net now providing dedicated servers for the Early Access game Reflex at affordable prices. Locations for the Reflex Servers are France, Las Vegas and Canada. You will have full FTP access and have can run custom maps. Order your Reflex server [url=http://clients.swiftnode.net/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=0:2rfipr5p]here[/url:2rfipr5p] setup time is under than a minute and you can submit a support ticket at any time if you need assistance with your server. For any issues regarding your server either email [at] swiftnode.net or open a new support ticket on the client panel. If you have any futher questions regarding any service with Swiftnode.net you can contact Swiftnode.net [url=http://clients.swiftnode.net/contact.php:2rfipr5p]here[/url:2rfipr5p]. Regards, Liam Benfield

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