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ClanVPP - Very Poor People

Cali Pub#2 , Cali 5v5, Dallas 5v5 Coming Soon.

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I would do a 1v1 arena but the fag ABM owner kinda threaten me if I do. When their 1v1 server goes down , he would tell his regulars that VPP took it down to draw traffic to VPP 1v1 server.<----(we don't have a 1v1 server) I don't mind working on other type of servers but VPP won't be doing 1v1 cause I don't want us to be a target of his ddos. Uk we won't be doing any more servers there because we don't have a big player base yet. Cali will be full of servers because we do have 2 boxes there. 5v5 will be up soon and it can collect dust or have players, wouldn't cost us anything extra. I can host other games beside Csgo if you guys want. Just let me know
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