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Deathmatch servers

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This was the first time I ever connected to a VPP Deathmatch server (Cali) because they rarely ever have a decent amount of players. I personally think that having free-for-all is a huge mistake and really defeats the entire purpose of deathmatch. The entire purpose of deathmatch is supposed to help you improve your aim or practice on your spray, right? But how am I supposed to do that if I constantly have people appearing right behind me in the same spawn that I just left a second earlier? There was not enough fragging and too much checking my back constantly to see if anybody was there (and there often was). My longest kill-streak was only 3 kills. It was the most I could manage before someone spawns literally a few feet behind me. This is something that almost all FFA deathmatch servers suffer from. My suggestion would be to switch the gamemode to Team Deathmatch. Also, it would be very helpful if you were spawned in areas where your team currently had control over. This way, you can practice more than mere flicking. You can hold corners and actually work with your team to take control of key areas in the map. You can even practice entry fragging. It would make AWPing (and countering AWPs more practical). HellsGamers's Deathmatch server implements this perfectly. Their server quality is an issue however. In all honesty, I don't see myself going back to VPP Deathmatch if FFA stays. I would rather play on an official valve server. Thanks to anybody who reads this.

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